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OpenVPN offers secure site-to-site or point-to-point connections. It’s an open source, free tool that helps you transfer data over secure networks. It exchanges key via SSL/TLS protocols so that no unauthorized user gets to see this critical information.

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Software description

OpenVPN is an exceedingly proficient virtual private network capable of securely connecting remote workers, ensuring the privacy of networking, accessing resources in virtual private clouds, and firmly establishing connections to a multiplicity of devices. The included cloud application marketplace is compatible with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Oracle, and support between multiple sites and remote access virtual networking is available. With this virtual private network, consumers can utilize public internet access from a private, protected connection.

Thus, users will experience the amplified production associated with the augmented mobility of a given workplace. As OpenVPN aims to ensure the security of businesses of all sizes and success levels, flexibility and comfort are crucial. Typically, the service is prompt and efficient, equipped to operate up to 1,500 concurrent connections. Security is a top priority, so OpenVPN uses encryption and cryptography as a means of transmitting information securely to ensure the safety of its users and is verified through a variety of authentications.

Managers can implement fine-grained access control to improve the quality and efficiency of projects through better organization, as well as connect with other administrators in a designated web portal. To further ensure the comfort of customers, transparent open-source code is utilized, so users will know exactly what kind of service they are benefiting from. By subscribing to OpenVPN, a customer can be reassured that certificate management is handled without annoyance. In addition to security, convenience is paramount.

OpenVPN enables customers to easily configure software firewalls with advanced access control rules to specify materials that target users can use. OpenVPN also makes sharing with clients easier with tools such as one-click distribution. Besides, OpenVPN is compatible with all operating systems and allows for cross-platform communication for coworkers. Access to the services provided can be controlled by the IP address, protocol, as well as ports.

All of this can be done with just two OpenVPN connections, provided without charge upon the beginning of a trial, although high-value subscriptions will grant access to more coverage. The scaling of how widespread the virtual private network covers is also determined by the needs of the consumer; coverage spans anywhere from a few people, to multiple different regions around the world. Furthermore, it is a cost-efficient solution to provide security in sharing information among a variety of devices, users, and sites. Customers can be assured that they will use OpenVPN to receive the best deals becuase the subscription is an annual subscription based on the total number of concurrently linked devices, meaning they will only pay for what they need to use.

OpenVPN’s overall price is considerably lower than the competition. Overall, OpenVPN is a tremendously competent virtual private network capable of providing for the needs of any aspiring company, including the essentials of security and convenience, but also reasonable fees and enhanced features. OpenVPN will always strive to maximize its customer’s defenses against the increasing threat of cyber attacks. The company’s goal is to “create a worldwide private network that is secure, isolated, economical, and fast.”