Download Opera

Opera remains one highly underrated web browser for the quality it has to offer. Given the fact that it is capable of performing every single task which its rivals can and comes with a handy set of features, it makes it to our list of the best web browsers. Opera has a small customer base, but it is one quality browser, it is flexible, convenient and secure. Opera comes with built-in ad-blockers which maximize computer security against broken web links and adware. Opera maintains high internet security by directing traffic to secure sites only.

Software details

57.0 Build 3098.106
Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Opera is a browser available in all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, macOS and Linux, that offers incredible speed and a plethora of abilities that make it unique to other browsers. Opera first showed up on the scene in 1995, and has continued to attract users through the years as it consistently improves. One of the most appealing things about Opera is its useful built-in features. Most other browsers would require you to install a bunch of third party extensions to accomplish what Opera does by default.

The first thing to mention is Opera’s incredible speed and ease of use. Opera presents you with a unique speed dial user interface when you open a new tab that shows your bookmarks and frequently used websites in an organized tile format. This layout makes it much faster to open the website you want to get to, without having to sort through a bunch of cluttered favorite’s folders. Opera is based on the Blink browser engine, which is what the Google Chrome browser uses as well. This means that many extensions that you would use in Google Chrome are also available in Opera, allowing you to switch without hassle.

Some of the features that make Opera so convenient to use are mentioned below:

  • A built-in ad blocker that prevents annoying ads, which also allows web pages to load faster.
  • A free VPN that allows you to browse the web without privacy or security concerns. This will protect you from cyber-criminals trying to steal your data and your location from being tracked.
  • Opera’s unique Flow feature that allows you to quickly and easily share links, pictures, notes and other files between your various devices. You can send the web page that you’re viewing to your computer, so that you can continue to browse it when you get home.
  • A battery saver mode that is enabled by simply clicking a button. Depending on your laptop model, this has the potential to give you an extra hour of browsing time.
  • A snapshot tool that allows you to quickly save or share parts of a web page that you are viewing. There is no more need to waste time loading a screenshot in to an external image-editing program to frame what you want.
  • Integrated messengers, allowing you to use popular services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram, without even having to leave your browser.
  • Video pop-out ability, which makes you capable of detaching online videos in to their own floating window. Compatible with YouTube, Twitch, Netflix and almost any other video provider.

There are also many other extra features that weren’t even mentioned above. This combined with the fact that Opera is constantly adding new features and responding to user feedback, makes it a shining star in the vast selection of browsers. You can view Opera’s website to see an in-depth comparison of features between some of the other popular browsers on the market. Try out Opera today and see for yourself just how fast and convenient it is to use.