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Pale Moon is a custom-built and speed optimized Firefox browser. The project uses contributed Open Source code to create a full-featured, speed optimized browser based on Firefox browser.

Software details

Android / Windows 10 / Windows 8
Pale Moon
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Software description

Pale Moon is a Goanna-based web browser for Microsoft Windows and Linux that is completely community-driven project as it is run on open source code. Focusing on customization and efficiency, Pale Moon provides the user with the highest degree of freedom to make their experience as unique as possible. To differentiate Pale Moon from popular web browsers, it offers grouped navigation buttons of sufficient size, default functions such as bookmarks toolbar and tabs next to page content, and a functional status bar among other functions.

Derived from the code of Firefox browser many years ago, Pale Moon branched out and completely revamped the existing code for the popular web browser to focus on its core features and optimize them to deliver improved stability and user experience. Since it is derived from the code of the popular web browser, users will find themselves in a familiar environment and can easily adapt to Pale Moon’s functions and features. Pale Moon also features compatibility with extensions from Firefox prior to the Australis update and although it can also use extensions from other products, it is not ensured that they will have a 100% compatibility. With its growing number of available extension and themes, Pale Moon gives its users the ability to completely change every aspect of the way they browse from how the browser look to how it operates.

Pale Moon Project aims to closely adhere to official web standards and specifications in its implementation of its functions and features with minimal compromise and intentionally excludes a number of features from mainstream web browsers to obtain a clear balance between performance, technical advancements, and general use of its own web browser. Pale Moon also aims to be a middle road by cutting off support for old for particularly old hardware and operating systems to significantly obtain an increase in efficiency and speed while preventing it from compromising by means of further limiting the range of systems it can run on. The main goal of Pale Moon has been to always provide its users with smooth and stable browsing experience and therefore does not aim for high scores in benchmark tests as its developers believe that those kinds of tests do not represent the typical use of web browsers in the real world.

As a community-driven project, it aims to develop a fully-featured browser that is rooted in collaborative development and can be used and downloaded completely for free. Anyone can contribute to its development which ensures frequent updates and bug fixes to maintain the stability and security of Pale Moon web browser.

Pale Moon Main Features:

  • Highly optimized for modern processors
  • Based on Goanna, an optimized layout and rendering engine developed by the Pale Moon team and community
  • Regularly updated with latest security patches to ensure safe and user-friendly web browsing
  • Geared towards security-aware developments to enhance web security
  • Community-driven development and fully non-profit in nature
  • Familiar and efficient interface that is fully customizable to a high degree
  • Total freedom for any kind of design elements to support the creation of full themes
  • Offers support for easily-created lightweight themes or skins
  • Fast and smooth page drawing as well as script processing
  • High quality fonts and gradients from an extensive list of options
  • Experience less browser crashes due to increase stability and optimizations
  • Compatibility with a high number of Firefox legacy extensions with some exceptions
  • Growing number of extensions exclusively for Pale Moon browser
  • Development and support of existing web standards