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PaperScan Professional is a valuable business imaging software that uses the scanner technology to make document acquisition an easy task. The advantage of using this software is that it makes it possible to convert any digital image format to use on the computer.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

PaperScan is a scanning software that offers the task of acquiring documents an easy one. The application belongs to the Orpalis company that has been in the document imaging and processing service since 2004. PaperScan comes in three editions – Pro, Home and Free – to suit the budget and needs of all who wish to use it.

Here are some of the general features of PaperScan:

VARIOUS EDITIONS: If you are a first-time user, you can start by using the Free Edition to test the application before committing to the Home or Pro Edition, depending on which features you need.

SCAN IN BATCHES: Documents can be scanned in batches to minimize effort and time. For the Free edition, the maximum number of documents that can be scanned at a time is 10.

DUPLEX SCANNING: The front and back of a document can be scanned.

PRINTING: Documents that are scanned can be immediately printed thanks to the “printing” option already available on the application.

EDITING: Certain areas of the documents can be highlighted, and the document itself can also be resized and cropped without the need for a third-party application. Effects and filters can also be added or adjusted, and the color of images can also be altered.

Certain areas can also be erased, like in the event punch hole and stapler marks need to be removed. This option gives more creative control to the user. Users can also add sticky notes and shapes if they need to, but this feature is not available in the Free Edition.

MAGNIFIER: Sections of a document can be magnified so that texts or details can be seen better.
IMAGE QUALITY: The quality of images and documents can be chosen to accommodate whether a high or low quality is needed.

DOCUMENT INFORMATION: Relevant information such as the size, resolution and color mode of a document or image is readily available on the application with a simple push of a button.

FILE TYPE: PaperScan can accommodate any kind of file type, and documents and images can be saved according to which file type is necessary, whether it needs to be a PDF, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, etc.

DRAG AND DROP: Documents and images can be dragged from Windows Explorer or any other browser to PaperScan by simply dropping it. This makes it more convenient so that the user does not first have to download the file onto the device and then upload it again onto PaperScan.

PDF ENCRYPTION: Since PDF usually encrypts its documents, PaperScan is capable of reading the encryption quickly in order to display the data. The application is also able to encrypt the document into a PDF file.

MULTILINGUAL: PaperScan supports more than 30 languages, which means that all the options and functions are available in the user’s language of choice. This makes the application a universal tool that anyone around the world can use.

SHORTCUTS: The application offers several shortcuts for functions in order to make the user’s experience and tasks more convenient.

Whether you simply need a document scanned or you also wish to edit it, PaperScan offers all the features you will need for an affordable (if not free) price.