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Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a program for easy and reliable hard drive partition. The software has facilities that allow you to create, delete partitions, format makes them inactive active or hiding.

Software details

2019 16.23.0
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Paragon Hard Disk Manager
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Software description

With decades of experience and innovation, Paragon Hard Disk Manager became an industry leader and an all-in-one solution for hard disk management. Combining modules for restoration, disaster management, backup, and data protection, Hard Disk Manager is now the preferred tool for advanced users managing large volumes of data.

With a rich set of tools, Paragon Hard Disk Manager remains a friendly solution with a modern interface, intuitive and comprehensive at the same time. Expert users can create more sophisticated scenarios using built-in tools. Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a powerful and versatile tool that includes all the necessary modules to manage hard disk efficiently for both small scale and large scale operations.


– Data protection. One of the many features of Hard Disk Manager is data protection. It enables you to password-protect files and folders to ensure that unauthorized access is prohibited.

– Data Backup. Hard Disk Manager is capable of making a backup of entire drives or just folders. The backups can be incremental or full and can be scheduled to run at specific times using the simple wizard built into the tool. Data backup files can be password protected.

– Data Restoration. Data and drives can be easily restored using Hard Disk Manager. Individual files can be restored or imported in WinPE. Password-protected backup files ensure that only authorized users can restore files.

– Disk cleanup. Hard Disk Manager can permanently delete files ensured that unused space no longer has traces of old files. It enables safe and complete disk cleanups.

– Media Builder. Paragon Media Builder can help detect logical errors, hardware faults, and failures as well as boot problems. Errors can be corrected with minimal data loss by restoring system operability using Media Builder.

– Live system transfer. Paragon Hard Disk Manager allows you to fully migrate your HDD to a new drive while you continue working on your system. Everything is done seamlessly, in the background.

– Partitioning tools. Hard Disk Manager comes with advanced partitioning tools. You no longer need to wipe a drive to create a new partition. Hard Disk manager moves data and prepares the free space to create new partitions. It can delete, restore, hide, unhide, merge, split, defragment partitions with minimal effort.

– Automation. Hard Disk Manager can function completely unattended. Tasks and jobs can be scheduled and automated so that once set, backups will be done even if you forget about them.

– Email Notifications. Hard Disk Manager can send email notifications for various events such as a backup job being started or completed, failures, and many more.

– Boot Corrector. The Boot Corrector can help you fix logical errors and ensure that systems are restored to a functioning state.

– Multi-OS Support. Paragon Hard Disk Manager works with all versions of Windows and can work with macOS and Linux file systems.

– System deployments. With the data transfer features and drive imaging, Hard Disk Manager makes it easy to deploy operating systems over a large number of computers running similar hardware, accelerating the entire process and automating most of the activities.