Download PCDJ DEX

PCDJ DEX is a professional application developed for mixing audio and videos on a PC. You can import files from different sources and maintain playlists of songs and karaoke singers. It maintains the quality of song by locking pitch modification while enabling speed adjustment. It is the ultimate solution for disk jockeys that is compatible with various audio and video formats.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

PCDJ DEX is an all-round disc jockey software innovatively made by one of the most prominent developers of DJ applications since 1999. It is a professional tool made for precise mixing of music or music videos and hosting karaoke. The system, with its cutting edge custom sound engine, is designed for vibrant live mixing and sound automixes. As of today, the latest version that comes with a longer list of feats is the DEX 3.


There are three main versions of PCDJ DEX 3: DEX 3 (Pro Edition), DEX 3 RE (Red Edition), and DEX 3 Limited Edition (Free Version). While there are several functions available in these three editions, like non-DRM support, pitch modifying with four distinct ranges, ID3V2 Tags editing, beat-sync, pitch bending, and many more, there are many considerable highlights exclusive only on the full or pro version.

For convenient track blending, the software features key detection and beat-mixing that is based on beat-grid. This is an advantageous addition as it lets the DJ focus on other important aspects of the mix. To give better delivery, especially when performing in front of an audience, the program guarantees the best condition of filters, effects, hot-cue points, and smart looping.

With PCDJ DEX 3, users can add two more players to the classic two-deck interface. You can customize your four-deck interface even more with the skinsthat are included upon downloading the software.

The software is compatible with more than a hundred DJ controllerslike American Audio, Faderfox, and Beamz. And if your controller is somehow not supported, you are given the ability to map it yourself. PCDJ’s website lends users a manual to learn how to do that. Your compatible controller will need no more configuration and will connect to the mix immediately. The actions you perform on your controller will mirror without latency to the software. Using numerous DJ equipment at once is supported by DEX 3.

Aside from pure audio file formats, users can also mix music videos with effects and transition in the Pro Edition. Supported file formats are MPEG, MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, and MOV. Recording your video mix in high definition is exclusive to this version only. MP3, WAV, and AIFF mix records are available to both red and full version.

In-app Subscription Services

The SoundCloud Go+ subscription service is available in the DEX 3 browser. It is very fit for the software as it will give users a great range of underground and premium tracks of SoundCloud. With over 200 million music to choose from, this service can be very useful for users who are trying to find new ideas for mixes.

By subscribing to Party Tyme Karaoke straight from DEX 3’s browser, you will gain access to over 15,300 karaoke songs even when just in the PCDJ DEX app. Complete karaoke catalogs are also available for download so users can use them offline.

Other Important Features

  • Shader Support
  • Headphone Monitoring and Cueing
  • Built-in Sample Player and Effects
  • Advanced Media File Browser
  • Key-lock, Master Tempo