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PCDJ Karaoki is a versatile application that can be used at Karaoke shows, home events and parties. Its GUI can be customized according to requirements. The support for wide range of file formats increases its advantages. Though it is a professional tool, yet new users can understand it with the help of video tutorials and detailed help section.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
PCDJ Karaoki
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Software description

PCDJ Karaoki is an advanced application that makes the job of Karaoke show hosts easier. It is a professional suite available for XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions of Windows operating system. It is a proprietary tool; however, the demo version is usable up to 15 days for free. The show hosts can quickly manage the content that they want to play. With the help of its useful tools, users can maintain songs in libraries and save new entries on the basis of necessary information. Its user interface is not much complex, hence every user who has slight idea of Karaoke can easily get accustomed to its usage.

User Interface:
A benefit of PCDJ Karaoki is that its GUI is intuitive and quite simple. Therefore users can easily perform required tasks without the need of sending time in understanding its functions. Moreover, it is completely customizable for fulfilling user requirements. Its configuration enables you to choose audio mode, sound device, speaker, pitch band, tempo, background image, music automation and many player options. You can select text size, output screen language, skin color and subscription. Other options include video playback settings, remote connection, backup/restore utility and end silence detection time.

Karaoke Manager:
PCDJ Karaoki saves your collections in well-managed libraries of system memory. You can add new songs or music to these libraries by providing sufficient information. Song, artist name, title, genre, path, singer, quantity, key, case and DiskID are the major factors that should be added to make search quicker. There are multiple methods of adding new songs to your collection. You can scan folders where files are present, import M3U files from internal hard disk, import single tracks or add track manually. It supports music with formats of MP3, WAV and WMA.

Music Player:
It contains a built-in background music player that lets you play music conveniently. Auto play mode automates the process and plays music as per your preference. It also offers support for video playback, but it is necessary that stand-alone mode is activated. It displays the details of current song being played and lets you modify them. Furthermore, graphic offset can be changed, PR range can be managed, Key can be chosen and you can move to collections of next singer in a single click.

PCDJ Features:
It is a heavy application that consumes high system resources. So it is preferred to use it on advanced systems with large memory capacity. You can manage music easily for individual singers. New singers can be added by entering their name, phone number, venue and Email. Thus you can easily contact them when needed. It manages files efficiently and uses different associations to speed up search process. Not only Karaoke songs, but it is also capable of running normal music.