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PhotoScape is a very useful image editing tool. Despite its very simple graphical user interface, it offers all the functions that should be present in a good tool. You can easily view and edit all your images without worrying about compatibility issues. Its simplicity enables new users to use its features for converting their images to high quality.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Make your photo editing experience easy and fun. Edit and create astonishing photos through PhotoScape. The first good news is you can do this without a cost. Although this is for free, you can depend on its helpful features which works the way it was designed. Enhance your images to preserve its depicted memories even further. Afterwards, you can set a viewing party for the enjoyment of your family and friends. But before you do that, let us explore what PhotoScape can offer to you.

Through PhotoScape, you can view your images in order through your organized folder. Create a slideshow that contains your selected photos. If you want to edit even when the time is against you, do not worry as PhotoScape has a batch editing feature which can cater multiple photos. But if you want a personal touch on each item, you can freely do so.

You can resize, adjust, balance, filter, draw, crop, frame, add, create and all other action items to create a beautifully crafted image. Do not settle with mediocre result, always strive for the most satisfying pictures. If you are a fan of making a collage, PhotoScape can easily do it for you. Choose your edited photos and merge it into one satisfying collaboration of images.

Decide whether you want it to do horizontally or vertically. In addition, you can correct and enhance the colors of your picture as you use its zooming in feature Pick your favorite color and apply it immediately. If you are a fan of anime world, with PhotoScape you can be an anime, yourself. Create animated pictures of yours, even you are not good at drawing or cartooning.

Satisfy your creative editing skills with all the features of PhotoScape. Also, this editing application can also be applied to images captured by your screen. You can crop those screenshots and include all the areas needed. After taking a screenshot, you don’t need to download another software and edit. You can do it with ease in PhotoScape.

In PhotoScape, before you finalize your work, you have option to preview each one. Through this feature, you will have the chance to check your work. If you are not satisfied, make sure to spend another minute in finding that perfect color or filter combination.

Also, this application offers a printer-ready pictures. With PhotoScape, you can easily do so, depending on your needs. If you are applying for a passport, you can edit your selected photo and have it printed in passport size. If you need a portrait photo for your formal documents, do it confidently with this App. But if you are tasked to print office documents containing graphics, you can also do it properly with PhotoScape. You can print a personalized calendar, visual presentation, and other content with heavy graphics.

PhotoScape is a handy photo editing tool, particularly if you are a beginner. It makes your photo editing journey easy and enjoyable. But if you are an experienced photo editor, you can put PhotoScape to test and view your photo from another perspective.