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Picasa is a free application that helps you organize, edit, and share images. You can easily import image files from your PC and external storage devices. You can also convert your pictures into short movies or screensavers.

Software details

3.9 Build 141.259
mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Picasa is a cross-platform photo collection organizer and image viewing application that was designed by a company known as Lifescape. Google obtained Picasa from Lifescape in 2004 then converted it to a freeware, but later discontinued support for its desktop applications and web albums on March 16th, 2016 to focus on a cloud-based solution known as Google Photos.

Picasa is a cutting edge solution for viewing images, organizing albums, and editing digital photos. It offers simple but effective solutions that will allow you to handle your files conveniently. The software, which adopts its name from the famous artist Pablo Picasso, includes enhanced features and a friendly user interface that will allow you to comfortably handle, edit, and organize all your image files.

Features of Picasa

  • Picasa features numerous organization and editing tools
  • It has various tools for sharing photos
  • It has a timeline and slideshow features
  • You can highlight photos using keywords
  • You can import and export photos to devices using the software

Feature Highlights

One of the main features of Picasa is organization. Picasa allows you to organize your photos into people, albums, and folders. Picasa uses advanced facial recognition technology that will enable you to create a people collection of your photos. A photo album, on the other hand, is like a playlist of your photos. Albums only exist within the Picasa app. You can organize your photos into folders, which will resemble the image folders on your PC. If you delete pictures on your PC folders, they will be removed on the Picasa app. Consequently, deleting photos on Picasa online will delete them from your PC folders.

Picasa has numerous photo editing tools that will enable you to add a magic touch to your images. The software allows you to perform basic fixes, tuning, and effects. Basic fixes include retouching blemishes, removing red-eye, and you can crop or straighten photos. You can also add text and image stamps to your photos to make them more interesting. With Picasa, you will have a range of effects like sepia, sharpen, black and white, tint, warmify, saturate, soft focus, film grain, B&W, glow, and graduated tints. The tuning option enables you to adjust lighting and color, which will enhance clarity and make your images more enticing. Picasa will save both the original versions and edited versions of your photos, so you will not lose the authentic images after editing.

You can use Picasa to share photos with your friends or family directly through emails or by uploading them to Picasa albums. If you want to share many images, you can create a bulk Picasa album and share the link, which allows people to view the photos straight from your collection. Apart from these basic features, Picasa has advanced features that improve its usability. Some features include a slide show, image and photo mapping, a timeline, adding captions to images, uploading to blogger, syncing to the internet, making collages, and DVD/CD backup.


Picasa is a simple software with elegant features. It is very light and compatible with all operating systems. You can use Picasa to create various versions of your photos and add some life to them. Picasa provides essential tools that are efficient and easy to use. Its photo-sharing capabilities are a plus since you can instantly share your creativity with anyone regardless of their location.