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Polarity is a free web browser with an interactive user interface. You can open multiple tabs or windows and save important webpages. Its garbage collector works quickly to avoid errors. PolarPass password manager can efficiently store your passwords so that you do not forget them. Its existing features can be extended by downloading add-ons, extensions and apps.

Polarity Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details

9.3.7 Build 472
Android / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Polarity is a user friendly web browser that contains a large variety of features as per web standards. It is a secure browser that does not keep track of your online activities and provides protection against harmful ads through built-in adblock. It is a free application which can be easily and quickly downloaded on Windows PC. It was built using two efficient browser engines; Chromium and Trident. It is a nature friendly tool that donates 80% of its profits for the cause of planting trees in Madagascar, Peru and Burkina Faso.

Polarity browser lets you surf internet in different modes. It contains a multi-tabbed interface due to which multiple webpages can be accessed simultaneously. Separate windows can be opened too for proper classification. Each window can hold different tabs and makes browsing easier. Moreover, web files with extensions of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Web Archive can also be opened by browsing system memory.

Browser theme and appearance can be customized by choosing simple options. Color theme can be used for window, tabs, text and borders from available options. Background image can be embedded and user can choose its size. Border size determines the thickness of windows border, whereas Opacity can be adjusted to manage transparency of the browser. All chosen settings can be exported for later use while you can also import these from custom files. If you have created any themes, you can submit them to be used by others.

Advanced Settings:
Advanced users can modify a number of settings to enhance browsing quality. They can choose limit of tabs between 2 to 50. Incognito mode provides private browsing, Debug mode is for developers, Proxy mode can be enabled by entering credentials, while Power Saver mode optimizes power consumption by disabling certain functionalities. Furthermore, you can enable Do Not Track function, parallel sessions, ad blocking, tab zoom, location detection and other functions when needed. It lets you manage default search engine, language, translation engine, popup windows, auto-completion and content animation.

Efficient Memory Usage:
Polarity is very efficient on RAM usage and ensures that the performance of computer does not slow down when using it. Therefore it is suitable for PCs having older hardware and low memory space. Although the performance of an application depends upon allocated memory, but all reserved RAM is not used for this purpose. This browser frees extra memory which is not of any use.

Polarity Features:
It is a secure browser that enables you to browse internet with the help of multiple search engines. Text-to-Speech support saves you from the effort of typing keywords and instead detects your voice. You can toggle CSS, JavaScript, images, Flash and other web components. You can specify your top sites and bookmark webpages for easy access.