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PotPlayer comes with a complete set of codecs that support different media file formats. It means that you can easily play a wide range of video and audio files with the help of this player.

Software details

200512 (1.7.21212.0)
Windows 10 / Windows 8
4.5 (90%) 2 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

Your computer is not only a work or school tool. PCs are much more than that. You can do almost anything you want with it, including enterteinment. When it comes to movies, or any kind of media file, the multimedia player we use is almost as important as the content we are going to watch. We should always go for a player that can play almost any kind of format, including some of the oldest such as DVD or Blu-Ray.

And if we can find a player that can do all of that for free, then we have done a great job. That is where PotPlayer makes the difference. PotPlayer is a media player that gives you the best output even with limited resources. It uses Quick Sync, DXVA and CUDA. If you are looking to enjoy the features of one the best multimedia players, PotPlayer is not going to let you down.

It works with multiple kinds of three dimensional glasses, making sure you experience 3D like you never did before, it does not matter if you are using your SmartTV or your computer. PotPlayer also supports multiple output formats, such as Top and Bottom, Side by Side and Page Flipping. You do not need to worry about subtitles. PotPlayer supports lots of subtitle formats to make sure you do not miss anything while playing your media content.

It also comes with a huge variety of easy to manage codecs and, in case you need a codec that is not included, OpenCodec helps you find it. And there is even more!. You can enjoy a smoothly video play, and even choose between the different sound cards you may have. It shows you a snapshot as a preview from the scene, and you can add a bookmark with the chapter or scene of your preference.

The truth is, PotPlayer is an application that offers lots of advantages. You will enjoy many options for your subtitle, video and audio configuration. It can even play files that are not complete and endlessly play lines so you can play a whole season of your favorite show.

Plus, PotPlayer comes with a rare feature: it can reproduce over a thousand files and, if by any chance we are halfway through the video and we do not finish it, the software is able to remember and mark it so the next time you want to watch it you can resume the video exactly where you left it. On the other hand, this software has some of its commands in Korean. But do not worry, you can always download an English patch in case Korean bothers you. It is an alternative to those old school media players. And even though it may not be the best out there, you can surely enjoy it.

This said, PotPlayer turns out to be a really good option when compared to other multimedia players on the market. You probably know other video players, such as VLC media player. PotPlayer is a good choice and is equally good to or even better than other players.