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PrivateVPN is a quality service that makes use of L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols for hiding online browsing information of its users. As soon as the application is activated, it will resolve all your privacy related issues. Its compatibility with various browsers is beneficial as you can browse internet on all browsers in secure mode. The straightforward interface and reliable performance has made it a recommended choice.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

PrivateVPN is a licensed product that helps you enjoy online freedom while maintaining your privacy. The VPN service is mainly based in Sweden but provides multiple servers across all continents. It is a reliable service through which not only you can unblock various blocked websites but can also keep your actual IP address hidden to dodge spies. It is a great way to fight intruders who attempt to find your location or steal your identity information by injecting cookies. It can work in a fast pace environment to perform required tasks quickly and let you browse internet without interruption.

Private Surfing:
PrivateVPN is the top VPN service due to the feature of guaranteed online privacy. Hacker attacks are quite common and can cause severe damage if precautions are not taken. In order to deal with this issue, the software encrypts your connection such that no information can be accessed by unauthorized parties. Moreover, the data being transferred via this connection is also secured with competent encryption techniques. Thus you can keep your mind free of worries during website visits, chatting and watching videos. It doesn’t matter if you are using public or private connection, as this tool is compatible with both.

Online Freedom:
Though internet is usually considered an unprotected space where you can find all types of content; but there is a catch in this phrase. Not all content is available in every region of the world. This application can be used for unblocking required content and increase your knowledge about varying topics. Anonymity is created by using IP address of chosen server as your alternate IP address. This IP address not only keeps your location private but also gives you access to blocked content. It is also a great method of saving your browsing history from marketing campaigns and Ecommerce websites.

High Performance:
Speed is considered as the basic parameter for determining performance of any application. PrivateVPN fulfills the demands of users by operating at fast pace. It acquires High Quality Networks to provide faster processing speed. Whether you are downloading files, uploading content or just browsing internet; the software ensures that all operations are carried out quickly without compromising on security. This speed is maintained on all types of networks.

No Logging:
Since the major purpose of VPN applications is to provide online privacy, thus people usually prefer those tools that do not track their activities. This software also makes sure that none of your performed tasks are saved anywhere. You can use any of its servers for hiding your IP or downloading any files. Your activities are hidden from everyone’s eyes and even the application developers will not get to know about any information.