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Process Explorer is an amazing program from Microsoft that displays the details of the current running processes of your computer.Process Explorer is not your typical Task Manager, boasting more information and a different display than its previous counterpart. The visually appealing program lists the DLLs processes and information about handles loaded or currently open on your computer. This program makes troubleshooting easier for computer users everywhere.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Process Explorer
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Software description

Microsoft Process has been provided by Microsoft. It allows users to know which files or directories are open in a particular program. This helps them to know which DLLs processes and handles have been loaded.

The display of Microsoft Process shows two sub-windows. The top window displays the processes that are currently active. The bottom window will display the mode in which the Process Explorer is. It may be in handle mode or DLL mode. In case it is in the handle mode, it will display the handles that have opened in the top window. In case Microsoft Process is the DLL mode, it will display the DLLs and the memory-mapped files that have been loaded by it. Microsoft Process comes with a powerful search capability. This allows the user to know which processes have DLLs loaded or handles opened.

Tools & Customization Features
The search tool is convenient and user-friendly. The search feature quickly and easily provides the list of load DLLs and opened handles. The user can also track folders and files that are locked. Users have the control to suspend or freeze threads to immediately stop their usage. Accurately tracking CPU usage is a feature worth mentioning. Process Explorer can quickly show which specific thread in a certain process is maxing out the CPU, to allow for better computer functioning.While the program assists users with the tedious task of tracking and controlling running processes on the computer it also allows for customization. Personalize your experience with your choice of color schemes and individualize your symbols. Killing a process is just a one-click process when using Process Explorer. Users are even capable of killing an entire process tree with the greatest of ease.

The display consists conveniently color-coded sub-windows. The top window is similar to the old Task Manager in that it lists all active processes as well as their naming owning accounts. The bottom window display is contingent upon which mode the program is set. In handle mode the program displays which handles are opened of the selected process in the top window. When Process Explorer is in DLL mode, the DLL’s and files that are memory-mapped of the selected process are displayed.Whichever mode the bottom window is in, the user has the ability to close it at any time. Detailed information for each process is a feature of this program. Such detailed information includesthe user account, memory statistics, command-line, threads and the icon. You are also able to see the full image path and security attributes are listed. The newest version of Process Explorer allows for information regarding the protection status of a process in the recently added Protection column. Also included in the newest version is the use of VirusTotal that coordinates with the Process Explorer interface to allow a virus scan to be performed without leaving the program to complete the task.

Final Say
Process Explorer is a much needed update to the Task Manager of the past. Computer users around the world will not de disappointed with the quickest way to solve the frustrating issue of programs freezing. As far as utility programs are concerned, Process Explorer is a necessity for optimal computer information provided in an uncomplicated version. Although there were issues with the program in the beginning, Microsoft seems to have worked out the kinks. Installation is easy and should be completed by anyone who wants an easy way to gain more information and control over monitoring their computer processes.

In this way, Microsoft Process helps to track handle leaks and DLL-version problems,