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Process Lasso would be a great program featuring any of the many algorithms alone, but the combination of all makes this process priority optimizer the best of its kind. Every computer user can relate to the frustration of slow-running programs, crashes and freezing screens. The automatic and customizable functions of Process Lasso create a peaceful, yet powerful computing experience.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Process Lasso
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Software description

When we use our desktop computers or laptops, more often than not do we open multiple programs and applications to do our activities be it for our school or work projects. However, running a lot of application instances simultaneously can significantly lower down the speed of your CPU to the point where frequent crash or freeze happens.

Although this might not seem to be a problem for casual users with higher end systems, those that endures using an old PC will most probably deal with such problems on a daily basis as well. Even advanced users or professionals with the best setups are vulnerable to such situations as they’re using their CPUs to the fullest extent. If you are either of the two aforementioned, you need a solution that can greatly decrease, if not completely remove, such unfortunate situations. Luckily, there is a solution called Process Lassso.

Process Lasso is a software for Windows operating systems that is used to optimize and automate the processes in your computer system, Although it looks and feels like a simple task manager, Process Lasso is a powerful software that uses complex algorithms to sort out every process in your system and intelligently find the best possible scenario to keep your CPU responsive as well as keep it from crashing or freezing. It has the capabilities of a task manager, but it also offers a lot of revolutionary functions such as its very own ProBalance Optimization algorithm which aims to keep your system responsive by adjusting the priority order of the processes wherein some of the CPU usage allocation that is reserved for the background processes, are given to the foreground ones instead.

This ensures that every application you open would significantly have a faster response time while ensuring that the background processes that are required to run the system are not affected negatively. ProBalance automatically adjusts every process so that they can equally run at the most optimal way possible.

The Process Watchdog feature allows you to make automatic actions based on special conditions that you set. For example, you can make it so that when a certain process exceeds the maximum CPU usage or memory threshold you set for a certain period of time, Process Lasso will automatically execute the command you specified for it such as Restart, Change Affinity, or to Terminate completely. The more automatic actions you set, the more seamless your every session will be. You can also use the CPU Limiter function to dynamically reduce CPU usage by constraining the affinity of the processes in your system which in turn, lets every process achieve a more equal distribution and access to system resources.

With the release of version 9.1, Process Lasso now has the Instant Balancer function. This function is used to individually assign CPU cores to different instances of the same application. At present, you can either specifically set the number of cores for each instance, or just equally share the cores among all of the instances.

These are just among the best functions and features of Process Lasso and there are even more that you can try which caters to your different needs for automation and CPU optimizations. Process Lasso is available for free with every function available, however, it will slowly take away some of those functions and nags at you to try the full version every now and then. If you are interested with Process Lasso Pro edition, a lifetime license for single use or home use for multiple PCs is priced at 36 US dollars.

Key Functions and Features:

  • Efficient priority optimization with ProBalance
  • Includes a metric for proprietary responsiveness
  • Automatic command execution with Process Watchdog
  • Offers CPU limiting function
  • Automated power plan switching
  • Allows the disabling of Hyper-Threading/SMT for every process
  • Balance CPU usage for different instances of the same application
  • Limit the number of instances per application
  • Prevent processes from running
  • Auto-restart processes to keep them running
  • Employs native C++ for maximum efficiency