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Psiphon is an open-source multi-platform software produced by Psiphon Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario. While the developers aim at ensuring they stay at the top of the game, they also consider user needs as a priority. In this case, Psiphon protects the users as well as their data while on the internet behind the scenes.

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Psiphon 3
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Software description

Giving you passage to whatever you desire on the web, the app Psiphon pro gives people unlimited access to their preferred news broadcast and social media platforms throughout the internet. An open code navigating tool Psiphon pro is designed to allow millions of online user to bypass censorship present throughout many countries who suffer extinction of freedom of expression. The app allows you to disguise your internet connection simply by use of a VPN along with an SSH and a HTTP proxy concealing technology. Psiphon prioritizes your security when using wifi hotspots. This app creates a safe and private pathway between you and the internet. Psiphon is an app that stands above the rest as a VPN tool for uncensored access to everything online. Simply put the app provides an opportunity for you to connect to the web and anonymously browse online from web page to web page without being caught. You online experience becoming one of freedom.

The app offers many features to simplify, protect, and make your experience worthwhile. Many of the features include The option to configure different settings. You can customize proxy settings for your own Psiphon VPN. This app also offers world wide networking that features varied entry points and multiple servers, continuing to keep you always connected. Through the world wide network server, Psiphon offers a broader selection of protocols than a VPN, giving its unparallelled passage to everything on the web. You have the option to choose which apps you want to exclude from the VPN tunnel, customizing your experience to your needs and wants. With no registration required all you need to do is download for free and benefit from the many customizable options.

Psiphon 3 has brought uncensored internet access to Many people in varied countries of different levels of freedom. There have been over 50,000,000 downloads. This is a tool created by Psiphon inc. utilizing VPN, SSH, and HTTP proxy tech, providing you with unrestricted all access to content online. Always learning new access points allowing you to bypass censorship at increasing chances. The spp is simply designed to allow you, the individual, open, all access to web content. It does not increase your personal privacy online. You should not choose this as a security tool for safety as an individual online.

Psiphon Pro is an extremely intriguing app that can offer you so much. It is a grievance to face censorship yet here is a tool that is presenting an open door where before it was closed and locked. It’s not only useful in extreme censored countries. There could be web restrictions at your school or office. The internet access you have could block certain content. Perhaps you just want a private connection where you can wander anonymously without leaving a trace. This app is a tool that will give you that secret connection, cloaking your traffic through the web.

Initially the concept of Psiphon was developed by Citizen Lab at the University Of Toronto. They built upon previous web proxy software programs. Psiphon currently has three different yet related open source software projects ;3.0 which is a cloud based, run time, tunneling operation; 2.0 This is a cloud based secured, proxy system; 1.0 a home based server software, originally released in 2004.