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Both iPhone and Android smartphone users can enjoy this game through the PUBG Mobile App which is easy to download and install, your survival skills will be tested, so be ready to fight real hard for your victory!

Software details

Android / iphone
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Software description

The PUBG Mobile App which is also known as Player Unknown’s Battleground App is a survival and contest like game where you are given a character and the main aim is to outlast the contest and become the last man standing, it is an epic battle for survival due to its kill or be killed game style and this makes it simple to play but difficult to survive as it is a combative winner takes all game.

You’ll parachute into an isolated & deadly island and your survival skills will be put to the test as you will have to get weapons and tools to survive against attacks from the other 99 players on the battleground, in this game you will either kill or be killed but the worst part is that the threat doesn’t just stop at getting killed by another player because in this game you will have to move quickly to locate areas to survive as the play area shrinks.