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Quick Heal Total Security is useful software for keeping your computer safe from attacks via internet or network to which your PC is connected. You can safely browse various websites, send and receive Emails without any worries, carry out online banking by keeping your information secure, apply parental controls and can enable protection against malware on your PC. With all these features in a single tool, it surely is a great computer application that you should give a try.

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Quick Heal Total Security
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Software description

Quick Heal Total Security is your all-in-one shield that protects your data, personal information, and privacy. The security suite incorporates multiple modules that handle different features. With a simple and modern design, Quick Heal Total Security makes it easy to manage and configure.

Compared to similar solutions, Total Security provides increased detection rates due to its new engine that monitors application behavior and signatures. The dashboard makes it easy to check the status of your entire system while each module can be configured and managed individually.


– Ransomware protection. Total Security protects all your files and information from ransomware. It blocks ransomware attacks in real-time, stopping infections before they get a chance to compromise your data.

– Safe banking. Quick Heal Total Security supervises your online activity, ensuring that you do not use payment information on fraudulent websites. It also offers a private and secure browser session, ensuring that your banking details are always protected.

– File vault. To add an extra layer of protection for your files and data, Total Security allows you to create password-protected vaults. The vaults can hold confidential data and cannot be viewed without knowing the unlock password.

– Virus protection. The antivirus module was designed to be fast and efficient. It can be used to scan folders or entire storage disks, identifying and removing threats on your system.

– Malware protection. Total Security scans and monitors your activity, ensuring that no malware infections spread onto your system.

– Firewall. Quick Heal Total Security includes an advanced firewall that monitors network activity and blocks network attacks. It allows you to configure exceptions and filter both outgoing and incoming traffic.

– Webcam protection. The software suite allows you to see which apps have access to your webcam. It can be used to block or enable access, granting you full control over your system.

– Game Booster. With a smart resource optimization system, Quick Heal can detect if you are playing games and ensure that your PC runs optimally. You can enjoy your favorite games being concerned about performance drops.

– Anti-tracker. The anti-tracking feature allows you to block tracking cookies of different types of websites so that you always have control over what personal information is being shared.

– Browser Sandbox. Quick Heal Total Security comes with a virtual environment that can run a private browsing session. Even if you open malicious websites in the sandbox mode, your computer will remain protected.

– Anti-Keylogger. Keyloggers are the most dangerous types of malware that can steal your personal information, login credentials, and banking details. Quick Heal monitors application activity and prevents them from recording your keystrokes.

– Parental Control. The parental control module allows you to determine what websites are your children allowed to visit, what applications they can use, and when they can use the computer.

– Remote management. Quick Heal allows you to manage and control your system using a dedicated web portal. You can start virus scans, configure features, and view security reports.

– Device tracking. You can register your Quick Heal Total Security product on TrackMyLaptop portal that will enable you to track your device if it gets lost or stolen.