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uickTime is a professional multimedia player. It can play most common formats of image, audio, and video files. It’s suitable for pro users as well as beginners because of its simple GUI. It also acts as a multimedia framework for third-party applications.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

QuickTime player is a video recording tool that is incredibly simple and powerful. While QuickTime player may look pretty basic at first, there are some key features which are often overlooked that makes it a very powerful tool.

QuickTime player has 3 types of recording options:

Audio recording (also known as “New Audio Recording” when you click the “file” button)

Video recording (also known as “New Movie Recording” when you click the “file” button)

Screen recording (also known as “New Screen Recording” when you click the “file” button)

After you record any of these, you have in the edit button options to trim the video at either side, split the video at any point, add a clip at the end, remove audio (leaving only video) or remove video (leaving only audio). Any recording with QuickTime player can be exported at different size: 480P, 720P, 1080P or 4K. Or audio-only. The 3 types of recordings are perfect for the following use-cases.

Audio recording:

This is great to record a podcast. You can use the audio file to upload to Anchor.fm, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or any other Podcast platform.

This is perfect to record a scripted video.

For example, whiteboard video animation, 2D video animation, 3D video animations are extremely carefully scripted to include only the important parts. Yes, you can have a computer-generated voice with many software programs. However, having your own voice as a voiceover combined with a great animation video can be proven to be extremely powerful in video marketing. You can do short videos that are used for Instagram. Or you can make longer tutorials that would be great on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, or even sold as part of courses.

If you want videos to rank really well on Google and YouTube, they need to be well scripted. If you wrote a fantastic blog. You can literally read it out using QuickTime player audio function and get that audio turned into a video with all the appropriate B-Roll that goes with it.

Video recording:

QuickTime player Movie recording feature is perfect for recording yourself answering a question, explaining something on a whiteboard, or some such. The video recording quality is decent. Although, recording on an iPhone X is likely to give you better quality (better camera).

Your laptop camera determines the quality of the video, so be sure to test the camera quality of your laptop in comparison to your phone or professional camera.

Screen recording:

This is probably QuickTime Player’s superpower.

You can record the entire screen or just a portion of the screen. Before you hit record, you can choose the size of the screen, part of the screen, and just record that one portion. Note that you won’t be able to change it mid-way recording. So be careful in what you choose to make sure you capture what you want.

QuickTime player Screen recording feature is perfect for recording video tutorials. Opening a piece of software that you want to show how to use, the quality is superb.

Screen recording with QuickTime player is also perfect for recording presentation slides. If you have a bunch of slides you put together, you can just record yourself going through an entire presentation, slide by slide, while maintaining excellent visual of the screen and audio quality.

This means you also have good chance of staying on-script which in turn makes it more likely to keep your viewer engaged.

In closing, video marketing is HUGE. And will only get bigger. QuickTime player is free simple software that gives you all the features you need to get started and produce high-quality video and audio content.