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R-Studio is data recovery software that is used with selected file systems. Its developers are R-Studio Inc. who has recently released its latest update only this month. It lets you recover accidentally deleted files from system memory and restore them to their original locations. It is a very useful tool for those who have deleted their data by mistake and want to recover it.

Software details

8.13 Build 176095
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
2.5 (50%) 6 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

If you are looking for a software that makes R programming much more efficient and simple, you should download and install R-Studio. R-Studio is an IDE or an Integrated Development Environment. This basically means that R-Studio is a program to handle R and use it more comfortably in some ways.

It is one of the most popular environments when it comes to the building of applications using the R programming language. This said, you can easily download it and use it for free or upgrade to one of their more complete versions, and it has become very popular because of its really simple learning curve when compared to other programming languages.

With this software we can use numerous types of statistical models: from linear regresion to neutral networks. It can also be used for graphing and many other interesting things that can be done using this software. Another of its advantages is that it is really useful when it comes to sharing your codes, meaning that scientist all over the globe can contribute with their research.

R-Studio is helpful for all kinds of professional data science with original work. It comes with just the perfect tools to enable data acuity and boosts solutions to bussiness-related issues.

Now, R-Studio comes in two different versions: Team Standard and Team Enterprise. There are a few differences between these two options:

The Standard version is perfect to get started for small teams and individuals. However, the Enterprise version is the one to choose for bigger teams, virtualized IT work environments or groups.

For R-Studio Team Standard, you can have up to 5 different users. With R-Studio Team Enterprise, this number goes up to 10 different users. However, this apply for the Server Pro plan. In case you want the R-Studio Connect, for the Standard version you can have up to 20 users, and up to 100 with the Enterprise version.

When it comes to activation keys, we can get one (1) per product with the R-Studio Team Standard plan (this plan includes an optional purchase of up to three (3) activarion keys), and unrestricted activation keys with the R-Studio Team Enterprise. Also, the High Availability Servers are optional with the Standard plan, and included with the Enterprise plan.

Do you need help with finding and using the strengths and insights that your data science team has created using R or Python? R-Studio Connect has your back.

Do you need guidance on how to manage R packages in a controlled and reproducible manner? R-Studio Package Manager is right for you.

But wait, what if you need to safely analyze data and at scale using R or Python? R-Studio Server Pro gives data scientists the access they need.

R Studio is used by scientific researchers, professors and students, as well as by financial analysts, actuaries and economists from all over the world, and has a large R developers community that provide multiple libraries, which means that you can find tons of useful functionalities to the base version of R.