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All of these tasks can be customized using the easy to use interface of R-Wipe & Clean. It supports all modern web browsers, as well as the FAT and NTFS file systems. The data removal process can be run immediately, or later by using the Scheduler.

Software details

20.0 Build 2278
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
R-Wipe & Clean
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Software description

R-Wipe & Clean is a software of R-Tools that is mainly focused on the disk space and privacy of your computer. With this tool, you can permanently erase your online or offline activity records, which can compromise private information. Plus, it can help you reduce your used disk space by removing unnecessary files.


This software is a jam-packed solution that lets you save up more disk space and secure your privacy from useless data made by numerous third-party apps, the operating system you are using, modern internet browsers, and communication software.

R-Wipe & Clean can shred the following unneeded files:

  • Multiple data caches
  • Temporary files
  • Cookies
  • Internet history
  • Autocomplete forms
  • Passwords
  • Lists of downloaded and opened files

You can also create wipe lists, wherein you can join all small folders and files you want to remove and delete them all at once. New Technology File System (NTFS) and File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems are supported in this procedure. You have the option not to launch this function immediately and schedule a preferred time or event.

Core Features

The software offers cleaning of personal and system traces, as well as internet activity, to make sure you save some more disk space and secure private information. To pick some of the most common traces to erase, the Traces Selection helper tool is made available for convenience.

It can predefine wipe registry keys, files, and folders of various disks in one task immediately or at a scheduled time with wipe lists. You can also add more items in your wipe list straight from your file explorer. For very complicated wipe lists, it is advised to use the R-Wipe & Clean Smart tool.

Wiping files and freeing up disk space is done using strong or fast erase algorithms, which includes DoD-approved ones.

Not every device has the same type of worthless data. That is why support for SSD devices was created as one of the brand new features. This addition accurately identifies SSD devices and makes sure that the files to be wiped are only the ones that are really not needed. Thus, preventing extra tear and wear of the devices.

You can also customize by hiding objects you don’t want to delete. Further, you are given a detailed view of all the trace objects on your PC as well as logging of all wipe and clean procedures.

For laptops with touch screens, phones, or tablets users, the latest version offers a brand new touch interface. This stylish innovation is also available for non-touch screen devices.

App Download

This app is available for Windows PC and Mac computers. After downloading the app, you are guaranteed a 30-day free trial to get experience the full version permanently. When the trial version expires, your product will be turned to the lite version unless you make a purchase.

Some feats of the full version are not available in lite like customization, touch interface, traces selection helper, and some others, which can come in handy in several situations.