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RAMEXpert is a reliable tool for getting detailed information about RAM of your PC. Is user interface is compact and it helps you maintain the performance of memory by analyzing its usage and model information. It is a suitable choice for easy extraction of memory information in a simple manner.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Memory is the basic component without which a computer system cannot operate. It exists in physical form and is used to store data. Computer memory is of two major types; RAM and ROM. ROM is a non-volatile memory while RAM is volatile. Volatile memory does not hold data for long time and removes all content once the system is turned off. Usually it contains temporary information of programs that are used frequently. Since it has limited space capacity, therefore it is necessary to keep track of its performance and remove useless data. RAMEXpert is an efficient solution for keeping an eye on RAM.

RAM Information:
The software provides details about system memory. Under General Information, it displays number of slots reserved for memory, current memory available for temporarily storing data and maximum capability to which the memory space can be extended. It also provides insight of physical memory status by showing statistics of total memory as well as occupied memory space. The graphical representation of current memory usage is helpful in understanding the pattern and taking required measures for improved performance.

Computers contain certain slots that are reserved for inserting RAM chips. The number of slots can be between 2 to 4 depending on the type of motherboard. RAMEXpert shows details of all Random Access Memory slots present on system motherboard. You can view slot name, capacity, manufacturer, model, type and serial number of each chip. It also lets you know if any slot is empty and can detect it once you have inserted a compatible chip in the slot. It contains a button named Get Specification that automatically searches for information about installed RAM model via Google Search Engine.

The menu bar of RAMEXpert provides access to multiple options. You can generate detailed report consisting of major aspects about RAM and export it as a separate file. The data can either be obtained as a text file or as a spreadsheet. However, it does not categorize the information in separate columns. You can view log file that contains entry of all actions performed. You can verify that the software is up to date and can download updates in case older version is installed. About section shows information of software version and registration type. You can also contact support team by Email, visit official website and can view forum for discussion with other users.

It is a free tool that enables users to easily perform required functions. Its small size is helpful in working at fast speed while consuming very few resources. It directs you to reliable vendors and you can purchase high quality RAM chips from them. Its interface is quite friendly and it offers support for internationalization.