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REAPER is a professional tool that helps computer users to handle their music collections in an efficient manner. It allows users to add different files in a single project and apply different effects to them or merge them into a single audio file. It provides user with more than a 100 audio effects. It is a licensed product and can be purchased online or given a try during 60 days of evaluation period for free.

Software details

mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

REAPER is a versatile digital audio production program that you can use to record and edit podcasts. It offers useful MIDI recording, editing, mixing, processing, and audio mastering that you can use for a variety of music purposes. The software has essential capabilities that enable it to work on multiple audio files while retaining authentic quality. REAPER offers a standard package and a pro package, but it has a 60-day trial period that will allow you to test some of its amazing features. It is a light program that will enable you to work on your audio projects with ease and excellent results.

Features of REAPER

– It is a light application that is fast to load, and you can install it on any windows, Mac, or Linux device.
– It has a 64-Bit internal audio processor that will allow you to record, import, and produce numerous file formats with high quality.
– It has a powerful MIDI and audio routing with multichannel support.
– It supports numerous MIDI hardware and software.
– It is compatible with thousands of third-party plug-ins, which enhance its usability.
– It supports virtual instruments like VST, VST3, DX, AX, and JS.
– It has numerous audio processing tools for studio effects and built-in tools that will allow you to come up with new effects.
– Additional features include grouping, modulation, automation, sound surround, OSC, control surfaces, macros, numerous layouts, and custom skins.

Feature highlights

REAPER offers enhanced recording features that will allow you to record audio and MIDI files using several supported formats simultaneously. You can choose to record directly to surround, stereo, and multichannel audio files before or after processing effects. You can record multiple takes, layouts, overdub, punch in, or out, or you can record in a loop. You can also use the software to monitor inputs, set up multiple monitors mixed with separate FX, and record to multiple disks, which facilitates redundancy and scalability.

REAPER features various production options that will allow you to mix audio, videos, still images, and MIDI on any track. It has a drag and drop option, which makes it easy to set up and re-arrange media on tracks, and you can move, resize, split, glue, trim, loop, fade, snap to grid, and stretch various media without additional tools. You can work on multiple projects simultaneously using different tabs, and its nested folder system allows group editing and routing in one step.

You can use REAPER together with various third-party plug-ins, which will give you more control over many editing options. You can apply FX in real-time and even use other local machines as an FX farm. The plug-ins will allow you to virtualize almost anything using industry-leading performance and multiprocessor utilization. REAPER also offers a range of customization options that will help you to customize its appearance thoroughly.


REAPER is an editing application that is excellent for professionals, but you can use it for your armature projects with exemplary performance. Its comprehensive blend of features makes it a good option for projects that require multiple recording platforms. Its latest edition has many advancements, which makes it one of the most reliable editing software on the market.