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Rentometer is considered by many as a website to search and find the most suitable property in terms of location and price to rent.

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Rentometer Express
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Nowadays, thinking about rent prices is a matter of concern to all of us, and we always ask ourselves the following questions

How do we determine if the price of a rental is right or too expensive?

This is where an unbeatable alternative comes in, it’s a website called Rentometer. This site is subscription-based, although you can access some of the Rentometer features for free, you can use them a few times before you are given access to information on specific rental types.

When you have reached a limit of information consulted you will have to register in order to continue using the service this website provides.

Why is it beneficial to have a subscription to Rentometer?

There are several reasons for you to have a subscription at Rentometer

-It is the most efficient way to know the standard average of rental prices in a given area.

-This website provides fast, efficient, and timely information for rental price comparisons so that real estate groups and landlords can know if their prices are competitive in the market.

-Rentometer gives you the opportunity to place without any cost some small programs that through very pleasant visual information give you easy access to the most important functions of the page so that you exploit the possibilities of showing your interests in renting or information in classified lists of the properties for rent

-A large number of Rentometer users are owners or managers, so this is a guarantee of the number of properties that are offered on this site.

-With Rentometer you have the opportunity to know if someone is selling you with higher than average costs in an area.

How to use Rentometer?

It is very simple, you enter the main page, and there you enter in the address bar the name of the area or street where you live, taking into account that the address provided is from the territory of the United States, although it accepts addresses that are not on U.S. soil, it does not have enough information to provide rental values in other latitudes.

You will have to enter the amounts in money that correspond to the monthly rent you pay, adding to this the cost for utilities. Find a drop-down menu identified as “Beds”, click on the arrow and then enter the number of rooms your property has. With this information,

Rentometer measures whether your rent can be low or high according to the space available. Options such as age, search radius in the list, type of property, house or apartment, are only accessible to Pro accounts.

When you finish entering all the information, click on Analyze Address. Then Retrometer will indicate if your rental is a good business and will show you a visual map of the area where your property is located with information about the average rent of the place.

What is Rentometer Pro?

This is a subscription-based website, good for those who have to manage many rental listings or make rental comparisons on a regular basis. With the PRO plan, you can enjoy full access to the site, and its utilities such as historical rental price trends, property information, property analysis, and best of all, all this information can be downloaded at the time you request it.

Subscriptions can be canceled at the time of the subscriber’s decision.