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RoboForm is a handy tool for generating passwords, saving passwords, and bookmarking webpages. It keeps the information safe and provides you access only when you enter the right master password. It’s a customizable desktop application that can easily fit your needs.

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Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8
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With the Internet being an ever bigger influence on our everyday lives, staying secure online can be difficult. With more and more errands being run via accounts online, many are frustrated with the challenge of creating secure, yet memorable passwords, sometimes feeling they cannot make a compromise between both. If you feel that way RoboForm might be your answer. RoboForm is a multi-platform Password Manager and Form Filling Software, which can create and capture passwords and remember them for you. It is a highly trusted program, which is recommended by many leading tech experts.

RoboForm can make your browsing the web secure and efficient. It can speed up the process of logging into accounts, simplifying the log-on process to a one click action, taking over the hassle of typing usernames and passwords, whether using on page auto-fill, or logging in directly from RoboForm. RoboForm intelligently captures and remembers all passwords created by you on the go, requiring no extra action. RoboForm can also be used to generate random passwords for your accounts, making sure that no password is ever the same or easy to guess, greatly improving online safety.

It can help examine existing password via it’s Security Center function, and predict the likelihood of your passwords being guessed, allowing you to spot and address weaknesses. As a multi-platform piece of software, RoboForm can be accessed and used on devices ranging from PCs to tablets and smartphones. RoboForm can keep all your passwords synchronized across all your devices with the use of its secure cloud storage system, the RoboForm Everywhere. However even if internet access is not available, the program app will keep your passwords stored locally, so you can make use of them, even if offline. RoboForm helps in the efficient management and organisation of passwords, thanks to the program’s intuitive storage folder system.

RoboForm boasts the use of AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256, protecting against dictionary, brute force and other attacks. RoboForm only allows the decryption of passwords on local device level, making sure no un-encrypted password is ever stored on program servers, greatly increasing security. It also supports Multi-factor Authentication creating an additional layer of security. To achieve this, RoboForm can make use of TOTP authentication apps, like Google Authenticator, Authy and Microsoft Authenticator.

RoboForm is a powerful piece of software, the use of which doesn’t end on keeping passwords. It can store information on debit and credit cards. It can also securely store your personal data and bring it up whenever needed, simplifying the filling of online forms down to a one click process. RoboForm can also safely store information such as contacts, real-world passwords and other sensitive information, allowing you the peace of mind associated with the luxury of keeping your information in a truly secure space, while having access to it at any given time. With an extremely simple and effective set up, 24/7 assistance and customer support and many more impressive features, RoboForm is an extremely useful and powerful tool to have.