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Sandboxie creates a virtual environment where you can run different applications. It helps you keep your operating system and data safe from unwanted changes that may be caused by running of untested or risky applications. It is very much useful in terms of secure internet browsing, viewing Emails and testing of apps.

Sandboxie Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Sandboxie is an easy to use, free software tool fit for secure computer usage. Sandboxie blocks all malicious software, viruses, and any security threats by trapping them in the “sandbox.” This leaves your computer system safe and protected. Sandboxie can protect your data, emails, web browsing, and any other potentially unsafe application downloads and testing. Sandboxie runs on all Windows versions and can function on all the top web browsers.

Sandboxie is fit for anyone who would benefit from an extra layer of internet protection. The application filters through malware attached to emails, encrypted viruses in downloads, and dangers lurking on the web. Basically, anyone who owns and uses a computer can benefit from using Sandboxie. Because Sandboxie occupies about 6MB of data space on the computer, it can be installed and enjoyed by anyone who does anything online with little to no impact on the overall performance of the computer in which Sandboxie is installed on.

How does Sandboxie work? Every single program you have ever ran on your computer without a sandbox leaves behind bits of data in your computer even after its been uninstalled. This can be harmless leftovers or encrypted spyware and malware. As you browse the web, all kinds of malware you unknowingly find will try to get inside your computer. When you use Sandboxie, it gathers and traps these malicious bits of data and prevents them from getting inside your computer. You can then delete the sandbox along with all the trapped bits of data an malware, allowing you the option to start completely fresh with another sandbox.

Sandboxie is not an anti-virus alternative. Because Sandboxie is just an extra layer of protecton, it can keep things out of the computer but it cannot find and remove any malicious software that is already infecting the computer. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you continue to use or begin using a trusted anti virus and anti malware application along side Sandboxie. This way your computer is both protected from inside dangers and outside dangers.

Sandboxie protects you from zero-day exploits hidden in your emails. A zero-day exploit is a file that is disguised as something harmless, essentially a trojan horse. If you browse your email inside the sandbox, everything, good and bad, that you download or look at will be securely contained inside the sandbox. Anything that was downloaded without you knowing can be deleted later safely without ever having made contact with your computers software and sensitive information.

Additionally, sandboxie can help protect you against malicious key loggers. A key logger is a malware that remembers the things that you type onto your computer. A key logger is used to filter out passwords, social security numbers, and various other very sensitive bits of information. When you use Sandboxie, it will protect you from any new and incoming key-loggers. When the malicious key loggers get trapped inside the sandbox, they can be deleted from the computer entirely and will not cause harm and log keys.