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SEO SpyGlass is a cross platform application which is also a component of SEO PowerSuite. The official product website claims to have more than 2 million users who have successfully developed their online businesses. Its powerful analytic tools can gather necessary information in no time and benefit you in multiple ways.

Software details

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SEO SpyGlass
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Software description

SEO SpyGlass is an efficient tool that assists in improving website ranking via backlink checking feature. Backlinks are those hyperlinks that are mentioned on other webpages and direct users to your website. These backlinks play a major part in bringing your website to the top of search results carried out via Google, Bing, Yahoo and other prominent engines. The more the webpages are linked from external sources, the higher will be the ranking. However, it is necessary that the links are mentioned on well-established sites. If they are present on low quality sites, then your own ranking will be affected.

Competition Analysis:

SEO SpyGlass is a reliable method of uncovering and analyzing the techniques used by your competitors. It generates detailed report of backlinks acquired by your competitors as well as the techniques incorporated in their placement. You can easily use extracted information to improve your own strategies and bring your webpages to the top of relevant keywords. Moreover, an option named Domain Comparison is also present through which you can enter a domain which is your main project. Then you can get idea about its position in digital market by comparing backlink status with potential competitors.

Backlink Profile:

Getting all details about backlinks referring to your website is a preferred method of staying safe from spamming. Popular websites or blogs are often mentioned by other websites to prove authentication of information. It is possible that some of those sites are known to promote scam and are blacklisted by search engine crawlers. This practice may prove to be harmful for your content and result in marking of your website as spam. In order to eliminate the risk factor, it is beneficial to run thorough scans and verify that your online presence is retained.


SEO SpyGlass helps you analyze your website completely by verifying its backlinks, strength of linking domains and anchor tags. It displays the webpages containing your site address, titles of those pages, text written behind anchor tags and the IP address of domains. You can also get to know whether the linking is performed via text or images. There are many useful options too that let you export links, update InLink rank, update link penalty risk, update backlinks and update traffic.


It is a helpful application that allows you to research suitable keywords, analyze backlinks of your website and compare statistics with major competitors. It is available in multiple languages and provides access to various external resources to check backlinks. Though it is usually preferred by SEO experts, yet its simple interface is the reason why beginners can also understand the working. It is capable of thoroughly analyzing any website and providing all details about implemented SEO techniques.