Download SMPlayer

SMPlayer has a simple and unique interface with the options clearly divided into separate menu categories. It is very easy to install and use, but for user convenience they have introduced the help option for answering of usual problems that users come across with. It gives you a great experience of running videos and audio files with high quality performance. Being a small tool of just 23 MB, it can be downloaded and installed easily on your PC for better experience.

Software details

19.1.0 Stable
Linux / Windows 10

Software description

SMPlayer is a suitable choice for running all the formats being used for creation of video and audio files. The aim of its development was to facilitate Windows OS users but now it supports Linux OS too. You can use it on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions. It is open source software and you can download it for free from our website. The menu of the software includes a lot of options and performs various functions. It is capable of supporting many formats that other media players cannot run.

Setup Installation:

First download SMPlayer setup file from our published link. Upon choosing the language of software, the setup wizard will open up. Accept the terms of license agreement and then choose the components to be installed with the tool. The components include shortcuts, multimedia engine, icon themes and support for languages. Choose the install location for the software and in the end select shortcut folder name for start menu. The extraction of files will start and when the process is finished, click Finish button to exit the setup window.

Improved Performance:

The latest updates, released recently, have given it a new look and have made its performance a lot better. Now it can support many new video file formats than the older versions and can support more than 30 languages. You can easily change the theme and design of the software for making it look more attractive. It is able to access and run YouTube videos without using any browser. For user ease, a plugin is also released for using it with your browser to visit YouTube and run videos directly from there.

Format Support:

SMPlayer efficiently supports MKV, AVI, MOV, QT, MP4, OGG, VIVO, CPK, PVA, FLI, AAC, 3ivx and many other file formats. You can grab the videos running on your TV and also catch the streaming of videos from HTTP, FTP, RTP, MMS, MPST and SDP protocols. The software now supports running the subtitles for your video files. You can customize the style of subtitles by choosing font size, color, type and many other features. You can also download subtitles from selected websites.

Advanced Features:

SMPlayer supports audio files and lets you choose any audio track for listening to it. You can create and manage playlist and shuffle them or run on the basis of your chosen sequence. The playlist manager can be pinned on your desktop for accessing and customizing the playlist without the need of opening software window. It uses MPlayer as the support for video playback that is one of the best playback engines.