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SoftPerfect Network Scanner is an efficient network solution through which you can find IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It is a reliable tool that facilitates network administrators by providing them the facility of easily finding required systems. The search operation is carried out on the basis of range of addresses and admins can quickly perform required tasks once the system is identified successfully. It is necessary to specify limited range so the software can search network in less time. It is a licensed product compatible with Windows XP to 10 editions. The license can be purchased after trial duration is over.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
SoftPerfect Network Scanner
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Software description

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a free software designed for IT specialists to scan and diagnose networks and services including NetBUIS and SNMP. Using a simple and intuitive interface, the software encompasses many features that allow it to perform many troubleshooting tasks ranging from simple pings to packet captures and port listening.

The tool can be used by system administrators to monitor network security. It can scan and detect computers in the network, check open ports, and determine what resources are being shared over the network. All scans performed with SoftPerfect return a scan report that provides a detailed view of all the findings. Not only that SoftPerfect Network Scanner can detect hidden resources but it can also create network resources such as shared drives.


– IPv4 and IPv6 support. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can be used on any type of network including modern infrastructure that uses IPv6.

– Live device discovery. The tool can scan and detect all the devices connected to a network in real-time. It can capture all their details including hostname, IP, and MAC address. It can also retrieve system information over WMI, check the registry remotely, or access the device manager of any network-attached device.

– Hidden folder discovery. With a simple scan, SoftPerfect Network Scanner can detect shared folders including hidden ones. It can detect the computer they are hosted on and provides all the details for each folder discovered.

– Remote SSH, PowerShell, and VBScript. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can be used to run and manage devices over the network. It can expect PowerShell and VBScript command as well as remove SSH.

– Comprehensive reports. Each network scan returns a comprehensive report. The reports can be exported into various formats, making it easy to create an archive of the network.

– Vulnerability tests. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can perform vulnerability tests. It can detect the computers attached to the network, the operating system they are using, and possible vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to the security of the network.

– Scans user details. The user scan can detect what users are logged-on on the network-connected computers. It can verify the configured user accounts, how long they have been logged on, and their computer uptime.

– Creates network drives. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can convert shared folders into network drives using a simple scan.

– Remote application execution. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can launch applications remotely onto any computer connected to the network.

– Network performance monitor. Reports can be generated to analyses the performance of the network and how computers use the network.

– External IP detection. SoftPerfect Network Scanner checks all local IPs but it can also detect external IPs and ports open, including their details such as the hostname and how many network devices are connected to the external IP.

– No installation is required. SoftPerfect can be used without being installed. The files of the software can be used off a USB drive, making it very convenient to use from any device.

– Wake-on-Lan support. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can wake computers attached to the network or it can run report shutdown commands. It can also send network messages to computers that are on.