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Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. You can install it on your PC or download its app on your smartphone to enjoy music or podcasts in your spare time. Its simple interface makes it easier to search for music and listen to it.

Software details

Android / mac / Windows 10
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Software description

Spotify is a streaming music playback platform, that is, you can listen to all the music you want without the need to download or store it on some device.How it works is simple and is available to any user, because through caching the songs are played without having to do anything but press the

“Play” button, or if we prefer to create automatic playlists that go to us playing our favorite music without having to keep an eye on anything else.


Its installation could not be easier, being able to be downloaded to the desktop and also with the possibility to install it online, creating an online profile through a simple registration with our data and an active email. Of course, you can also find it as an App to use it on both your smartphones and tablets.

Account types

Of course, as a streaming platform it is has several running plans, so that users decide what experience they want to enjoy. Plans go from less to more, starting from a simple, free plan to one with higher paid benefits.

The rates currently available are:

Open: This is the free and easiest service. It allows you to listen to music with no time limit and share it with your friends, although every few minutes of playback will skip ads that will interrupt the experience.

Unlimited: It costs 4.99 euros per month. It includes music but limits or cuts by advertising, both domestically and abroad.

Premium: It costs 9.99 euros per month being the most advanced in terms of features, offering the release of music exclusively to the users who have contracted it.

Social media

In addition to being able to be used as an application or program within our computer, we can also use it as a way to interact with the rest of the world and create playlists with our friends. This is possible through the Facebook app, first linking our facebook account to the platform login. In this way, everything we are listening to will be shared live to other friends who also have it linked and who have us as friends on Facebook.

This is both an advantage and an inconvenience, because if you are a person jealous of your privacy and you do not want your musical tastes to be known, with this function you will not get it. While there is also the possibility to enable a completely private listening mode.

On the other hand, the Instagram app has also started linking its accounts with the use of this music platform. However, all processes must be done through mobile devices with both applications downloaded. The main function is to share in instagram stories our playlets or create stories with the songs that we are playing, being able to share them with everyone without any geographical barrier.

In short, Spotify is the best choice for any music lover. Its ease of use, attractive interface and the possibility to listen to the best music of each style, even before the rest of the world, are some of the things that make it the best online music platform.