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StrongRecovery is an application designed to help users recover lost or accidentally erased information on their hard disks, or other types of storage mediums such as flash drives and memory cards. Some of the main causes of data loss include failed partitions or hardware failure.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

Most people store very important information on their devices, and some of them may not have backups. The loss of such information accidentally or due to viruses and hardware failure could be quite problematic for the computer user. Fortunately, StrongRecovery makes it possible to recover this data quickly and easily.

StrongRecovery Features

1. This product is very easy to use, as you only need to install it on your computer and follow a few intuitive steps to recover your data.

2. StrongRecovery has an attractive and wizard-like interface that makes the recovery process as easy and straightforward as possible.

3. This product supports a wide range of file systems, including FAT32/FAT16/FAT12, ReiserFS, EXFAT, and NTFS.

4. StrongRecovery has filters that allow you to specify the file types, such as Audio, pictures, or documents, for easier and faster recovery.

How to Use StrongRecovery

1. After downloading and installing this device on your computer, open the data select drive window

2. Choose the drive where the data was deleted. If you lost the data on the current system drive, you will need to shut it down and reboot your computer on a different system drive to recover the information. If you accidentally deleted information, wait at least one minute before trying to recover it.

3. Click next and process the partition header information.

4. After this, you’ll see an Explorer window. Use this window to explore the folders and paths with the deleted data.

5. Select the files and folders you wish to recover. Select the recovery option and indicate the drive or folder where the recovered data will be saved.

6. The StrongRecovery application will then scan the drives or folders for any RAW files. After the scan is complete, you can save the recovered data.

An important point to note while using this software is not to create or change the information on the drive where the files are being recovered, as file entries may be lost and data may be overwritten.