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SUMo is a software management tool that provides information about all installed programs. It helps the users in keeping their systems up to date by informing them about available updates. It is an efficient tool that can detect software products without any delay.

Software details

5.8.5 Build 407
Windows 10 / Windows 8
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Software description

SUMo or Software Update Monitor is a handy software suite that makes it possible for users to keep all installed software updated. With its intuitive interface the users can get detailed information about every application that is installed on their systems. This information assists in determining whether any suspicious tool is present or not. Furthermore, the version number of every product can also be found to ensure that its latest version is present. Its simple interface provides the flexibility suitable for both new and experienced users. It is a useful tool offered by KC Softwares.

Software Updates:
SUMo checks for the installed software, screensavers and start menu items by running a thorough scan on system memory. The scan results are accurate and give detailed information about all the programs that are found. The results are shown in the form of a list and can be categorized on the basis of product name, version, company and update status. If any application is not detected, then you can manually add it by browsing through hard disk directories. You can exclude any entry from the list by removing or ignoring it.

Update Status:
It notifies you about the installed version of each application. The current status is fetched by scanning the system and the latest available version is checked through internet. The software then compares both versions and assigns suitable status. Latest version is set as OK, whereas older versions are assigned the status of Major or Minor.

There are many tools that help you perform required tasks. The Export option lets you extract report in the form of a text file or spreadsheet. You can edit Ignore List by managing the programs that must be omitted when the status is scanned. Skipped List Editor contains the updates that were detected but need not to be installed for now. You can manage those updates and remove the content.

Software environment can be customized by visiting the Settings menu. Here you can choose many options such as initialization at startup, check for updates, file path visibility, beta versions compatibility, debug mode, reload list before check, minimize to system tray, background, allow Microsoft products, registry scanning and other software scan settings. You can also choose required options for proxy server and get updates via official website or its own server. It can be translated to many languages like Danish, Arabic, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, German and Polish.

SUMo Software Features:
The user interface of SUMo is quite simple, but users may get confused as some of the functions are similar to each other. It can help you keep track of all software installed on your PC and determine whether any of these need to be updated. It is a safe tool that works at considerably fast pace.