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Supercopier is an amazing computer application that enables users to perform copy, move and transfer functions on files and folders in a very short amount of time. The product was developed by Alpha one x86 developers and is known for its high speed and reliable performance. It is a freeware that can easily prove to be an efficient replacement for built-in cut, copy or paste functions in Windows Explorer.

Software details
Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
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Software description

One of the most distinguishing features of the software is that it has a very small size, thus occupies low memory space. It needs considerably low system resources due to which system performance is not slowed down.

Supercopier has three major functions namely copy, transfer and move. You can perform any of these tasks on multiple files and folders. Transfer list is maintained properly with each file and any errors encountered can be seen in Errors tab. The whole list of transferred content is maintained and you can delete any entry from the list. You can choose whether the errors should be added in Export list or not. You can look for a particular file or folder in a long list with search option and Export the Transfer list for external use. Furthermore, you can import transfer lists from other sources.

It is an efficient application that surpasses the effectiveness of Explorer’s default cut and copy functions due to its fast speed. Moreover, the activities performed are much more organized and the maintained lists help with keeping track of all actions taken. Its customizable settings allow users to tweak its behavior in a user friendly manner.

The working of Supercopier can be customized according to personal preferences. It has a dedicated tab named Interface that allows users to decide how its different functions should operate. Under Use section, the checkboxes can be marked to keep window pinned on top, minimize on close to system tray, close window when file operations are successful and limit copy speed. Information section toggles the display of transfer speed as main information, whereas the Display section determines if the speed should be present in progress bar and title should show progression.

Its Option window consists of adjustable settings. The General settings allow you to change language, software settings and file transfer algorithms. It has many plugins installed so you can remove existing ones or add new ones to get additional functionalities. Theme selection is concerned with layout of tool. You can select the most suitable copy engine; the default engine is Ultracopier. For the chosen copy engine, different options for transfer, error & collision, control and performance can be selected. Listener section les you connect app to client, while with Log section you can choose folders for saving activities log as well as synchronize them to avoid duplication.

Supercopier software was developed with the intentions of improving files and folders operations. Large quantities of files and folders can be moved or copied to any specific location in a very short time. You can easily use it to improve file operations.