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Text editor pro offers a practical search function that enables the user to toggle case-sensitive words. Further, it allows smooth scrolling, vertically and horizontally. When you’re working on a project that requires save multiple drafts, the software will allow two files to be opened and compared line by line. The latest version allows automatic backup of working copies to prevent data loss.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Text Editor Pro
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Software description

Text editor pro is a powerful text editing tool developed by Bonecode. It offers more than 50 scripting languages such as COBOL, C++, DWScript, Java, FoxPro, among others. The software features syntax highlighting support, 100 ready-made skins, 100 customizing options, numerical unit convert tool, Unicode character map, and SQL formatter. It supports multiple search results and directories. The tool runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 operating systems. It’s free and is fully functional for unlimited time.

This program can be used when comparing the content of two files. It’s designed to make text editing as convenient as possible. You can save, open, modify, or view different text files. In addition, it allows a side-by-side view when making changes to each file. The macro recorder feature enables the user to record the frequently typed texts. Likewise, it gives options for unlimited undo and redo for all open files, even after saving. This tool focuses on ease of access and simplicity. You can select any language from the drop down menu and start writing. On the other hand, you can work on the layout of the text by increasing and decrease indent or by sorting the text lines. This tool allows one to easily access files from FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive.

This tool has been checked for viruses using the most high-tech antivirus software products. So far, no spyware, malware or other malicious threats has been found. However, it’s strongly recommended that you check it again before installing in your computer system.

The speed and responsiveness is much better than other text editors. It’s an invaluable tool for almost any programmer.