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Total Uninstall is an uninstall program with tools that are required to clean off your hard disk. This program works fine and is an ideal one when it comes to removing junk files and creating a backup of each and everything before beginning the process of un-installation. This application covers each and every basic of program removal. So, in case you are looking for an efficient uninstall program, then trying out Total Uninstall may come into play.

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Total Uninstall
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Software description

As it’s name suggests, Total Uninstall is a software designed to help you thoroughly uninstall any program you wish. Total Uninstall’s “Installed Programs” feature analyzes the installed program and creates a log, in order to perform a complete uninstall independently, without using built in uninstall feature that every program comes with. The program makes sure to delete every single file associated with the program being uninstalled, leaving you without any unnecessary files on your computer.

It also removes registry items. The “Monitor Programs” feature notes changes that happen to your system when installing a new piece of software. Having done that, Total Uninstall enables you to perform a full uninstall of a selected program. User has the ability to view all the changes happening to his system when installing or uninstalling any program. Furthermore, this program has other useful features as it can be used to efficiently transfer programs from one PC to another or to control which programs run at startup.

Functionality of Total Uninstall

This application will analyze your files, from internet files to toolbars and other junk files. It will also find the leftover files from software that has been removed long ago. However, the user is required to tell Total Uninstall what they want to remove. The best thing about this software is it will not remove anything without the user’s permission. So, you can choose and select things that you would like to remove. There is a force-uninstall feature which allows the user to add programs manually that they cannot remove.

Features of Total Uninstall

Below given are the vital features of Total Uninstall.
• The application offers few monitoring tools with its software.
• The monitoring feature makes groups and organizes the installed files for easy and convenient removal in the future.
• This software creates a backup of each and every file before you start uninstalling them.

Total Uninstall is an easy to operate software ensuring absolute efficiency

For people those who prefer to use software that is easy to use and comes with great functionalities, Total Uninstall is truly one of them that would solve the hassles of uninstalling programs completely. The program excels well in removing unwanted files from your computer efficiently.

Answers to your queries
One can visit the Total Uninstall forum and blog where the person will be able to get answers and relevant details to the questions they would ask or any query they might have regarding the functionality and other things related to this application. It is also reported that the forum and overall customer care service is quite prompt and helpful for the users.

Advantages of using Total Uninstall
Here are some of the benefits one can enjoy while using this software.
• The program does not uninstall anything without the users’ permission.
• The drag and drop removal tool allow you to take a shortcut on the desktop and the software will locate and prepare a program for un-installation and shall also eliminate traces of the application.

Disadvantages of using Total Uninstall
Below mentioned are the possible drawbacks one may face while using this program.
• There is no tab-browsing and when a user would run a scan; all sorts of files would appear to be listed together under one log.
• Total Uninstall doesn’t remove Trojans or adware.

If you overlook these aforementioned loopholes of Total Uninstall, you may find the software helpful enough. A complete removal of unnecessary files at times becomes important for a smooth functionality of your computer.

To sum it up, it is to be mentioned that Total Uninstall is indeed one of those applications that become necessary for a person to have. Efficient removal of junk files in order to create enough space on your computer is something we would all require. This software creating a backup of every file before uninstalling it is perhaps one of the most helpful features to be present. Total Uninstall is considered as a complete uninstall program which will remove and monitor your files as well. It creates restore points as well in order to rectify any accidental elimination.