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Overall, Trillian is a user friendly application that has brought an evolution in the world of instant messaging. It provides support for various social networking sites, hence the users can easily chat with the users of Trillion services and social sites through single software window.

Software details

6.1 Build 17
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
4 (80%) 1 vote[s] 5 [s]

Software description

Trillian is an instant messaging computer and mobile application that was created by Cerulean Studios in 2000. It is a Freemium tool with support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and BlackBerry operating systems. You can connect it to your social networking accounts and chat with your friends. It allows you to communicate with users of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, IRC and many more. This feature enables you to stay in touch with your friends under a single application interface and saves you from the efforts of visiting multiple sites for chatting.

Accounts Management:
Trillian allows users to manage all their social accounts. In order to log in, they must enter their valid credentials and choose a user name. They can also modify server, privacy and proxy settings to use the account in suitable way. Multiple users can access their accounts simultaneously by creating separate identities. Each identity holds the account information of individual users. Furthermore, the users can customize their profiles by choosing any icon from the categories of Basic Choices, Holidays, Halloween and Talk like a Pirate Day. The Status can be set as Online, Away, Do not Disturb, Invisible and Offline.

Chat Activities:
The users can perform multiple activities. They can maintain contact list, chat with friends, and can avail audio and video call services. They can customize the layout for contact list, news feed, mail, toolbar and can enable or disable notifications and sounds to get alerted about incoming messages or calls. Multiple tabs for chat can be grouped together to access all tabs in a hassle-free manner. In-Game chatting can be used when you are enjoying online multiplayer games with your friends. Moreover, you can apply text formatting, use timestamps, insert emoticons and select hardware for audio and video calls.

File Sharing:
Trillian enables users to share files and folders with other users. In order to ensure safe file transfers, you can choose the type of permission for received files. You can select appropriate settings to enable file receiving, disable it or accept only after reviewing the content. You can choose default folder for saving all received files or choose it separately for every user. Additional options allow scanning of files for viruses, resume file transfers when possible and compressing of sent files to reduce required time.

The customization of Trillian software layout can be performed by selecting suitable skins and plugins. Customizable skin options include emoticons, message styles, icons and sounds for notification alerts. These settings improve the look of software; however, they are capable of slowing down older PCs. Plugins increase the functionalities of application and can be downloaded via internet. You can also choose startup settings and select method for integration with Windows.