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UC Browser is one of the most popular web browsers through which you can browse the internet with convenience. You can choose Chromium or Internet Explorer kernel as per your preferences. It’s a reliable browser, known for its speed. You can run it on your PC without having to worry about the system performance. It’s the right choice for people who are tired of their slow internet connection. It improves the user experience. UCWeb Inc. launched this software for Android-based devices, but now it’s also available for Windows PCs. The browser is a freeware that can be translated into 14 different languages.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
UC Browser
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Software description

Download all your videos as quickly as possible through UC Browser. Use this app to share content, whether serious or funny ones, to your friends and loved ones. Wherever you are, you can watch and appreciate your videos even offline. If you want to save internet data, UC Browser is best for you. Let your videos be available in any personal computers or mobile devices you have.

As additional overview, UC Browser offers various features such as “Data Saving” mode, “Ad-Block” tool, and “Fast Download”. As UC Browser enables you to explore and discover several videos online, it also helps you in accessing music and even cricket references and information. Cricket information is one of the unique features of UC Browser, as you can check various cricket online platforms not only to support your favorite team, but also to watch its Livestream and to monitor live scores.

UC Browser keeps on updating to improve its tools for the users. As you search and share trending videos using UC Browser, you can also use readily available stickers. Let your friends laugh out loud without hesitation. UC Browser includes several choices of stickers, whether huge ones or those trending ones. These stickers can be posted together with your friends and colleagues on social media platforms.

As the browser develops itself, its latest version is currently using its one-of-a-kind U4 engine which, according to developer executes twenty percent better than the previous released versions. It includes progress in the speed of web connection, and enhancement of overall video watching experience. It also improves its security on a personal level, with assurance on the UC Browser actual stability.

UC Browser is also continuing to strengthen management of its storage. UC Browser released its “Small Window Mode” to improve the whole viewing and sharing experience much more enjoyable than before. While watching your favorite videos through UC Browser, you can minimize it and still message your friends, window shop in your favorite websites, or even join online activities.

UC Browser also improves its “Fast Download” tool, as it speeds up its server even better. With that, it stabilizes and makes its download even faster. Whenever there will be problems with internet connection, UC Browser can still proceed from the point wherein the internet was lost.

Once you are back online, you can still go back and this will spare some time. If you are an avid fan of Cricket, UC Browser updates this feature through “Credit Card Feature”. With this, you can easily find all relevant information to you, whether Livestreams or live scores. On the other hand, through its “Data Saving” feature, you will be able to lessen your internet data bill.

With UC Browser, you can minimize your data usage even if you are browsing more frequent than before. It aims to compress its data as much as possible to speed up its loading process. Its “Ad Block” feature lets you enjoy your viewing experience without worrying about those irrelevant ads. It will be efficient browsing for you as it lessens web activity.

Depending on your preference, you can watch different types of movies or even TV series in UC Browser. As it organizes these kinds of contents, you can easily find the right one that fits to your taste. If you are having issues in your social media browsing, UC Browser helps you to increase internet speed regardless of its current condition. Lastly, to aid your visual inclination, UC Browser gives you the option to switch into night mode for more relaxed and enjoyable viewing during night time.