Download UltraEdit

UltraEdit is a handy tool for editing your text, hex code and programming language codes easily. It offers a lot of options that you can find in its menus bars and perform any required operation on your source files. Though its interface looks a bit complex but you can customize it, therefore it is a very suitable tool for new as well as professional users.

Software details
mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

UltraEdit is a text editor for Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. The text editor. which is commercially used, has several tools for programmers, such as macros, code folding, configurable syntax highlighting and many more. Files may be browsed as well as edited. It supports Hex and Unicode editing mode. Installing UltraEdit takes disk space worth approximately 100MB.

You can choose from any of their core themes. It also includes themes which are user-contributed to make the software look the way you’d want it to. You also have the option of modifying the theme or even creating a new one, then you can contribute it to the rest of the users.

If you want to see your Markdown or HTML changes as and when you edit them, then you can do so with UltraEdit’s live preview. All you have to do is double-click any element from the preview for jumping to the definition in source.

If horizontal editing isn’t what you were looking for, then Column Mode is the answer. If you want to edit along the Y axis in your document, then use Column Mode. This feature is especially useful if you want to edit code files or tabular data.

The customizable menu can be handled however you want to. You can set up the Ribbon mode if you want a familiar feel. You may also prefer just a simple menu which includes your most used features.

If you want to make fast edits to the files which are on a server, or you want to upload a big codebase, you can make use of the integrated FTP capabilities as well as SSH/Telnet. These features make it much easier to interact with any server from a powerful application. It is also easier to deal with remote files.

From Windows explorer context menu, you can start up UltraEdit. You can also choose to integrate it to other apps that you use frequently.

The hex edit mode as well as column editing mode gives you more versatility for file date editing.

Ultra edit has about 2 million users and many Fortune enterprise customers. It is the main editor for industry professionals. UltraEdit works for almost every IT editing need such as project management, programming, file manipulation, FTP/SFTP, text data reformatting, file searching which is advanced. Standard IDE contains a lot of programming information, including, but not limited to SSH console function and auto save. You can directly upload any projects from your application using UltraFTP.

The panels have good tools create or improve pages by the use of API, java codes of HTML. So, a full web page is modified by the use of codes, so it is possible for you to make several default pages.

The text tools and image tools are very useful for adding movements or effects, so it can improve design process entirely.

You can save the changes so you don’t have to waste your time for re-configuring things. The company release stable updates. You can also customize user interface.