Download uTorrent

uTorrent is a useful tool for P2P file sharing. It consumes very little space in system memory and downloads files quickly.

Software details

3.5.5 Build 45574 Stable
iphone / Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

In spite of the dubious legality of the peer to peer file sharing services torrenting is still a popular method of sharing files. However in order to take advantage of this medium for sharing content, a bit torrent client is required.

How Torrenting Works

Torrenting works by sharing small pieces of a larger file over several different sources which distributes the bandwidth over multiple connections. This has the benefit of often shorter download time. This is a more efficient means of sharing files than having multiple people downloading the same large file from the same source. Sharing a file in segments is the basis of the Bit Torrent Protocol. Each torrent file contains a list of ‘trackers’ that guide the BitTorrent client to finding where the individual pieces of the file are located. This tracker does not contain the actual file so it is a very small file the best way to think of it is that a torrent file is a map to where the actual files you want to download can be found.

Since this is a peer to peer network it is essential that people offer up their computers to host these files for download. Computers, where the complete file resides, are what is know as seeders. The more Seeders a file has the faster you may be able to download it. There are also what is referred to as ‘Peers’ these are people just like you who are downloading the file as well but they can also seed some of the segments of the file they have already downloaded. It is good etiquette to seed files you have downloaded for a time after you’ve finished downloaded to help others who may also be looking for it.

uTorrent is available for Windows, Mac, Andriod, and Linux.

Key Features (Free Version)

  • Small program size
  • Has most features of other clients including Scheduling, bandwidth prioritization, auto-downloading, and others.
  • Typically uses less than 6MB of memory.
  • Basic Version is free

Three tiers of paid versions are available as an annual subscription model with the following features:

Ad-Free Version

  • $4.95 per year.
  • Premium level of support.
  • Lower bandwidth usage.
  • Torrenting is streamlined.
  • Ad-free.

Pro Version

  • 19.95 per year.
  • Premium level of support.
  • No Ads.
  • Enhanced security.

Pro plus VPN

  • $69.95 per year.
  • No Ads.
  • Cyberghost Premium VPN.
  • Enhanced security.


  • Download the Installer.
  • Run the executable and follow the prompts.
  • Run uTorrent
  • In some cases configuration of the program may be required to allow the program to access the internet or configuration of firewalls or other security software to make use of BitTorrent.


  • Free Version is Ad heavy
  • Some torrented content is copywritten and illegal to download.
  • Torrented files can not be guaranteed to be free of malware or viruses.

Important Note: The laws in your country may prohibit the downloading of torrents or torrents of copywritten content. It is your responsibility to understand all the applicable rules, regulations and laws that govern the content that you may be downloading using uTorrent. Failure to abide by the law may result in fines and/or jail time. Use this application at your own risk.