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Viber is an all-in-one communication application for Windows PCs. You can share instant messages, make live audio or video calls, and express yourself through expressive stickers.

Viber Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details
Android / Windows 10

Software description

Viber is a popular free mobile app that allows users to make voice calls and send messages to other Viber users or regular phone numbers.

Viber is free to download, and Viber to Viber messages and calls are completely free. The app

is also known for its cheap rates for phone calls to non-Viber users.

The app allows you to send messages instantly; the chat interface is modern and advanced and will enable messages, videos, images, and emojis to be sent immediately to other Viber users. The Viber app is available both on mobile and PC and allows easy device integration, enabling you to have ultimate control of your communications. Viber is a Global company and has Hundreds of Millions of users worldwide.

The Viber app is straightforward to download and is available in the app store of most devices, including Android. IOS and Windows. The app is linked with your phone number, the end-to-end encrypted messaging service, and user-friendly security features, Viber is exceptionally safe for the everyday user. Viber will alert the user if any of their contacts change to update their contact information through a coded username feature.


  • Viber supports regular text messaging, picture messages, video support, and also GIFS stickers, and Emojis.
  • The app allows for high definition voice and video calls, and user feedback provides for a consistent call with no echo or delay.
  • You can create grouped communities through the app interface and add your friends, family, or business associates.
  • The advanced interface also allows extensions to be added to the chat, such as Tweets, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos.
  • The security features of Viber make it extremely privacy-friendly, end-t-end encryption assures your data is protected at all times.
  • Viber offers free calls and chats between Viber to Viber users. However, they also provide a meager rate for International calls and should be kept in mind for this reason.

Key Features

  • Viber is an excellent choice for people heading on vacation or business trips to stay in touch with your friends and families without paying ridiculous international phone call rates. It is also ideal for video chatting, and high-quality voice enhancement makes seeing your friends and family that more special.
  • Viber is also an excellent choice for businesses to implement, allowing colleagues to stay in touch even when on overseas business. The Document addition feature will enable you to share files and documents with full knowledge easily they will be protected by Vibers security features
  • The multi-platform utility of Viber makes it the perfect app to file all your communications in the one location, yet have them available to you as long as you had a device and internet connection.
  • The easy to download feature allows you to save and store any content shared with you by other Viber users and is a great way to keep all of your content accumulated in the same place.
  • Vibers massive user base is what makes the app extremely useful, as a legacy app, there are not many people who haven’t heard of Viber.