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VIPRE Internet Security provides a complete solution against viruses and malware without slowing down your machine. The current version of this software now has acquaintances analysis of Facebook pages to identify and report the infected links, or even the “Guard Search” that allows you to safely navigate by detecting links of viruses or Trojans.

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Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
VIPRE Internet Security
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Software description

VIPRE Internet Security offers an all-in-one solution that can detect and block virus threats, malware, ransomware, network attacks, and spam-filtering. With a highly efficient scan engine and high detection rates, VIPRE managed to increase its adoption rate by IT professionals and home users alike.

The complete VIPRE Internet Security covers all aspects of data security and protection using multiple modules that work independently without affecting system performance. All its features and modules were designed to be user-friendly, backed up by comprehensive reporting and cloud scanning technology. Along with the built-in two-way firewall, VIPRE Internet Security can ensure award-winning protection for you and your data.


– Real-time protection. VIPRE Internet Security scans files, documents, and the pages you browse in real-time. The real-time protection can block security threats even before they get the chance to infect your system.

– Cloud-enabled Security. Using cloud scanning technology, VIPRE Internet Security can scan files in the cloud. No files are uploaded to the cloud and the content of the files is not check to ensure proper personal data protection. Using this technology enables VIPRE Internet Security to use little system resources, allowing you to remain productive even while a scan is ongoing.

– Firewall. Not all threats come in the form of viruses or malware. The VIPRE firewall can continuously monitor and scan network activities, blocking unauthorized traffic, brute force attacks, and other types of malicious threats.

– Anti-tracking. VIPRE Internet Security gives you full access to the data collected by various websites. You get to control what information you share or if you choose so, delete any tracking cookies across all the browsers you may be using.

– Webcam and microphone management. Using a very simple module, VIPRE enables you to check, monitor, and block applications that have access to your microphone and webcam.

– Personal data protection. VIPRE Internet Security protects your data. It can safeguard your system from ransomware and unauthorized access.

– Private VPN. VIPRE Internet Security includes access to a private VPN that encrypts your traffic, increasing privacy and security.

– Document audit. VIPRE can scan and audit documents to ensure that they are not infected. Security concerns are detected, reported, and fixed, even before you get the chance to open any document.

– Automatic updates. To ensure that you are always protected against the latest threats, VIPRE Internet Security receives regular definition updates and application updates.

– Low resource consumption. VIPRE Internet Security is a highly efficient security solution due to its cloud scanning technology and resource-efficient scan engine, allowing it to have a minimal impact on your computer’s performance.

– Mobile Protection. VIPRE Internet Security is available for Microsoft Windows, macOS but also mobile devices running Android or iOS.

– 24/7 support. VIPRE offers 24/7 technical support over the phone and online through its team of experts located in the US.

– 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with VIPRE Internet Security, the 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you get your money back, making it completely risk-free.

– Protection for up to 10 devices. VIPRE Internet Security is available in multiple subscription options offering protection for up to 10 devices.