Download Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a freeware advanced Chromium-based web browser developed by Vivaldi Technologies. It is company founded by the former Opera Software cofounder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

Software details

2.11 Build 1811.49 Stable
Linux / mac / Windows 10

Software description

Vivaldi is a freeware licensed web browser created by the founders of the well-known Opera web browser. Its function is the same as that of its predecessors and other similar programs in operation: to offer a fast, comfortable and personalized experience over the internet. When people use networks, the first thing we turn to is a good tool that allows us to access any content in an orderly and quick manner, that is, a web browser.

Vivaldi has that function and many more, as it is considered a first division browser, that is, where users with greater computer knowledge will be able to better exploit all their tools. It has a more advanced beta version and a simple standard, however its created ones ensure that both versions are perfectly manageable by any type of user.

You only need to get acquainted with the program and take practice.On the other hand, it has a wider version to use on fixed devices like computers, but it has also been developed as an application for Android and Mac.


Its installation is also very simple. The user must search in his usual browser the program by name to be redirected to its main website, from which you can access the download link of your choice. It is important that when the browser is to be downloaded, the user makes sure that they have a device compatible with the advanced features of the same, in addition to having a minimum of the capacity to be able to save it.

Once it is completely downloaded to our computer, you will only have to “double click” on the installation icon that will appear in the “Downloads” folder and wait for the serial installation that the same browser already has scheduled to start. Once installed you only have to press the shortcut icon that you have noticed on your desktop.


The basic functions of this browser are not very different from those of any other, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, it is limited to quickly and efficiently searching for all kinds of web content.

However, it has a number of extra features that do it different and exclusive compared to the rest. To get started, more advanced users will have the ability to sort, add, highlight, or delete the tools they want to have in their taskbar by default.

It has a very simple and clear structure, with vivid colors that will make navigation much more dynamic. In the left pane, that is, the main tool pane, the user will be able to sort different appearances: Bookmarks, History, Download and Notes.

In addition, you can create shortcuts so that the browser through a single letter knows what we are looking for, and even create our own notes without having to use an external program.


Another improvement is the possibility to activate a private browsing. Vivaldi will disable data tracking from our computer, so that the servers do not know what we are looking for and we do not see advertising based on the data used. Although, we will continue to see advertising but it will be generic and unavoidable.

Without a doubt, a web browser full of possibilities available to any user and delighting the most experts in web browsing.