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VLC media player is a great multimedia player to enjoy music, music and what not. It supports a wide range of formats, which is why you can easily play multimedia content. Its intuitive graphical user interface presents various controls that give you an enjoyable experience. You can even play multimedia via CDs or DVDs and stream it over networks. It’s a freeware that has been active since 2001. You can download it for your Windows PC in more than 48 languages. It’s a lightweight tool that gives the best performance despite consuming limited system resources.

Software details

3.0.5 / 4.0.0 Dev
mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

Get rid of those annoying advertisements while watching videos for free, by using VLC Media Player. Experience your amazing digital content at hand without distraction. Do not settle for anything less because it is free. To give you an overview, VLC Media Player can be used on any of your digital platforms and displays. If you are using various file types, this app fits you well.

With VLC Media Player, you do not have to switch player whenever you are playing videos with different formats. This media player can play almost all of available file formats to date. You do not need additional downloads just to look for that compatible file type. You have a customized and personalized screen, as well.

This media player denounces the idea that if an application is free, it is not secured. VLC Media Player is on a different level. It makes sure all of your digital contents are secured. If you want easy and user friendly controls, this app will amaze you. This media player offers it well with credibility.

It has a complete tool set that will make your media synchronize well, better than what is expected. As mentioned earlier, your screen can be designed based on what you preferred. The controls available and its general design can be creatively organized not only for aesthetic, but also for your effective and efficient viewing experience.

With this app, eargasmic experience is possible through its satisfying audio quality Download VLC Media Player and enjoy this feeling in your own comfort. Its audio player is one of a kind. It is completely integrated with complex equalizer and readily available audio filters. As our music and audio technology develop even further, several audio file types are emerging.

But with VLC Media Player, you will not encounter compatibility problems. As the technology is dynamically changing, this media player is updating its features and capabilities, as well. Experiment and explore the best sound that will fit well in your ears. Let your heartbeat pumps as the music is going through your ears.

Satisfy your obsession with almost perfect sound quality through VLC Media Player. Also, this player supported display of creative and stunning cover images of each audio or music. If you are having a problem with a variety of speaking accents, you will be happy with this media player’s subtitles option. Have a chance to remove this inconvenience through the available subtitles that can be played through this media player.

VLC Media Player is available for Android and other mobile devices. Move your multimedia experience together with you. Do not limit it to the place you are in, or to the time you are only available. Share it to your family, friends, and colleagues. Create a viewing experience together with them. Spend time with them while spending time enjoying your videos with VLC Media Player.

Although this player asks for a different kind of permissions, you don’t need to worry about your security as it only aims to help you discover VLC Media Player to its highest potential. As you grant permission for each request, you will have the opportunity to connect to your media player at a personal level.