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Desktop virtualization applications facilitate you to set up as many virtual machines on your PC as you want. VMware Workstation Pro is a popular virtualization tool that works with almost all versions of Windows operating system.

Software details

15.5.5 Build 16285975
Linux / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
VMware Workstation Pro
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Software description

VMware Workstation Pro is a software used to create multiple virtual machines, which can emulate all the functions of a computer system inside an actual computer for the purpose of building, testing, and demonstrating software for any types of platforms, cloud services, or devices. Offering industry standard quality, VMware Workstation Pro had been used by professionals, developers, and IT professionals since 1999. As of writing, there are already 56 versions that had been released with version 15.5 being the latest. VMware Workstation Pro can run on x64 versions of Windows and Linux operating systems.

VMware Workstation Pro functions by creating a secure and fully isolated virtual machines, which encompasses a whole operating system and its applications. Using the VMware Virtualization layer, the physical resources of the actual machine can be seamlessly mapped into the resources of every virtual machine. This means that each virtual machine can be considered as an actual machine that contains its own memory, disk, CPU, and I/O devices. VMware Workstation Pro also provides a wide range of hardware support by allowing the virtual machines to inherit all of the drivers and devices support of the host machine.

VMware Workstation Pro recommends a 1.2 GB disk space for the application itself and additional hard disk space for each virtual machine that the user wants to create. Before purchasing, users need to check the recommended system configuration since older CPUs are no longer compatible as well as the disk space requirement for the operating systems they want to run on their virtual machines so that adjustments can be made on the actual computer beforehand and accommodate the necessary number of virtual machines that the user will need for their projects.

VMware Workstation Pro Main Features:

  • Serves as a companion to vSphere, which is VMWare’s own virtualization platform for cloud computing. This ensures seamless movement of apps between data centers, cloud, and desktop.
  • Employs REST API, which is used to enhance workflow as well remotely command off-site private servers. REST API also provides users with over 20 types of control for operations such as VM Power, Host and Guest Virtual Networking, and shared folder management for mounting of the source code directories from the actual machine to the virtual machine.
  • Supports DirectX 12 and OpenGL 3.3 to run 3D applications such as SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD in a virtual machine while ensuring that they work just like how they do on an actual machine.
  • Creates complex virtual networking such as IPv4 or IPv6 for virtual machines with additional support for Jumbo Frames as well as integrate third-party software to design and architect full data center topologies by utilizing real-world routing software and tools. It can also test the resiliency of Virtual Network Simulation applications by introducing latency, packet loss, and bandwidth restrictions.
  • Allows users to save time in creating virtual machine duplicates with the “Linked Clones” function which also significantly reduce disk space usage or the “Full Clones” function to make completely isolated duplicates that can be shared with other users as well.
  • Offers snapshots which allow users to create rollback points so that changes in their virtual machines can easily be reversed. With multiple snapshots, the user has the ability to test experimental software at different scenarios or create demos for customers in a single virtual machine, saving the hard disk space that could have been used to create another virtual machine.
  • Creates huge virtual machines with up to 16 virtual CPUs, 64 GB memory, and 8 TB virtual disks as well as up to 3 GB of video memory from the host machine for the most graphically demanding applications.
  • Supports open VM standards which allows cross-compatibility with other virtual machine vendors.
  • Optimized to support high resolution displays up to 4K UHD for desktops and QHD+ for x86 tablets and laptops.
  • Allows quick sharing and testing of applications in a production environment simulation.
  • Enables virtual machine restrictions such as copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop as well as connection to USB devices. Users can also encrypt and password-protect their virtual machines, ensuring that only authorized users have access to it.