Download VueScan

VueScan is a great scanner software that creates high quality image outputs. Instead of discarding your old hardware you can use this software to make your scanner compatible with your latest system.

Software details

Linux / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

Ed Hamrick founded Hamrick Software Company back in 1991, and ever since, the company has provided reliable software solutions for digital uses. Their first product, VuePrint – Jpeg viewer software for windows, attracted more than 100,000 customers. In 1998, they developed VueScan, which is a flatbed film scanning program with global coverage of more than 600,000 users. Since Ed Hamrick was a photography enthusiast, an HP Photo Smart scanner that he bought motivated him to come up with software that could work on a range of devices, and still provide the best quality scans.

VueScan was his brainchild. It is compatible with more than 6000 different scanners, and it packs incredible features that they improve with the release of every new version. Even though VueScan has functionalities that might take you some time to master, it is a convenient program that will help you to produce high-quality film outputs compared to many different software already installed on scanners.

Features of VueScan

  • You can use it to Scan with Flatbed and Automatic Document Feeders (ADF)
  • It can convert Scans to PDF, both Single and Multi-page documents.
  • It features Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Automatic Color Detection.
  • It is optimized for small-sized document files.
  • It has automatic document queuing capabilities.

Feature highlights

Even though most scanners come with their scanning utilities, separate software is essential because, apart from the ordinary package, they have specialized features that are tailored to be unique. You can use VueScan to modify and fine-tune your scanning parameters. It has sophisticated features that allow you to add amazing tweaks to your photo scans for the best results. Its processing features will allow you to adjust colors professionally and restore faded and unclear colors.

VueScan is compatible with numerous flatbed and film scanning devices, which means that you can use it without having to make changes to your scanner software or PC. The software has its independent method of interfacing with scanner hardware. It can support older scanners with operating systems that do not have the required drivers. This feature will enable you to use old scanners with cutting edge platforms comfortably, and it significantly improves interoperability.

VueScan supports OCR-Optical Character Recognition for English documents, with 32 additional languages that are available on its website. The software is easy to download, to install, and use. When you launch the program, it will automatically detect your scanner. You can immediately start scanning files, or you can press the guide me button, which will provide more information on how to control the program interface seamlessly.


VueScan software comes as a downloadable file that you can use over a range of operating systems. You can use it without purchasing its license because it is fully operational in demonstration mode. Nonetheless, you will have watermarks superimposed on all your files and scans. Consequently, the free version may not work on some devices. A standard license will enable you to remove the watermark, and you will receive routine software updates and additional functionality features. Though numerous scanners have dependable utility solutions, VueScan is a sound investment because it packs much more at a pocket-friendly price.