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Windows 10 ISO is the latest version of the Windows operating system. It was launched by Microsoft Inc. in July 2015 and is available for 32-bit as well as 64-bit operating systems. Within a few months of its launch, this version became the top choice of many computer users. It facilitates home users as well as suitable for business users. The developers frequently release its updated versions to remove bugs and add new features. It’s a highly user-friendly OS that can make your work easier. It’s a licensed tool and you need to purchase the license for using it.

Software details

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Windows 10
Windows 10 Update
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Software description

Windows operating system has been a popular OS since it was introduced. However, with the launch of Windows 10, its market shares have further increased. Due to its user-friendly interface and a large variety of tools, it is widely appreciated by users from around the globe.

Unique Start Menu

Windows 10 offers a great user experience that can’t be matched by other operating systems. You can easily access all installed programs through the Start Menu. It also allows you to create groups in the Start Menu and pin different applications for easy access.

At the extreme left side of the Start Menu, you’ll find certain options. You can visit the Documents section or view stored images. It also helps you switch between user profiles and modify system settings. Moreover, you can also shut down or restart the computer.

Multiple Desktops

While working on your PC, you may prefer saving files and creating shortcuts of apps on the desktop. This way, you can easily find important files. But what if you store a large number of files on the desktop? Won’t it be difficult for you to locate the required app or data file?

To save you from trouble, Windows 10 comes with a multi-desktop feature. You can use multiple desktops and switch between them through the Task View pane.

Xbox App

Are you a gamer and enjoy playing Xbox games? You can now enjoy your favorite Xbox games on your PC. You can download the games and play them whenever you want. Some games can be enjoyed for free, whereas certain games work only if you purchase them online.

Cortana Support

You may need to carry out some important task on your PC. But feeling lazy, it may seem a hectic task. Windows 10 offers support for Cortana which is a popular voice-activated personal digital assistant.

You can ask it to provide weather forecasts, send emails, set reminders, find the required files, search the internet, tell you jokes and much more. Cortana significantly improves the user experience. However, if you don’t want to avail this feature, you can turn it off anytime through the settings menu.

From PCs to tablets and smartphones, Windows 10 works across various platforms. It’s a relatively light-weight operating system that can run smoothly despite the limited system resources. Improved Start Menu, Cortana support, more advanced Office apps, and a high-speed Microsoft Edge browser are its prominent features.