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Windows Movie Maker is a free tool suitable for creating videos. With the help of its myriad of tools, you can easily edit videos. You can apply effects to enhance the quality of videos and develop custom features via an XML extension.

Software details

2019 16.4.3528.0331
Windows 7 / Windows 8
Windows Movie Maker
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Software description

We are in the world where everything is very much fast-paced and the demand for media materials are like pancakes, a multifunctional video editing software is very much a must.

With all the options available to suit everyone’s taste for a video editing software, we can’t argue that user-friendliness and a variety of options to customize a video is at the top of the list, and that is what Windows Movie Maker can bring to the table.

One great advantage it has against its contemporaries is that it can easily be operated by beginners and as well as professionals. Those who want to start and try out video editing can very well master its user-friendly interface in a heartbeat with a lot of customizations to choose from. Even adept video editors will also appreciate its unique features that you can only see in expensive video editing platforms made for professionals.

Its straightforward and ever so reliable “Timeline” is the main attraction of its interface like those premium movie editors. It is so easy to used everyone can be a good video editor overnight.

Making amateur clips are made easy with Windows Movie Maker automatic preview that lets you see your handy work firsthand with just a hover of the mouse through its buttons. You won’t get tired of looking at previews over and over again. Just a couple clicks and you will be seeing your progress on the project. You will not even be breaking a sweat!

At its interface, you will be greeted by its basic but vital editing tools like crop, scale, fade and so much more, that is very easy to use as well.

There are a handful of themes, templates and title customizations available to start off your videos. The collection of transitions (found at the animation tab), contemporary themes, color templates and fade effects are at your disposal through Windows Movie Maker’s wide range of collection of effects.

There are also options to add your favorite audio and music files that suits your needs depending on your project. It supports almost every file types like .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .mp4, .mp3, .wav and even audio recordings you might have from photos to videos and music so you dont have to worry about converting each one of them before importing them into your project.

Wrapping up the project will not be a problem as Windows Movie Maker supports the universal MPEG-4 output file or .mp4 file. With this, social media posting will be a breeze so others can enjoy watching your masterpiece.

And the best of it all, Windows Movie Maker is absolutely free and is included on every Windows PC so you dont have to spend extra on paying for ultra complicated video editing softwares that even professionals are having a hard time dealing with.

With all of these things in mind, we can be relaxed and assured that video editing will not be as mentally taxing as others thought it might be with Windows Movie Maker.