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Windows Repair application is the product of Tweaking website and is available for free. It helps you solve various issues encountered by your PC and thus improves the performance of Windows operating system.

Software details

2019 4.4.6
Windows 10 / Windows 8
Windows Repair
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Software description

Windows Repair 2019 is a useful tool that allows you to resolve issues that may arise in computers working under Windows operating system. It can help you solve various types of known issues in record time. The users can either avail its benefits for free or purchase Pro license for additional features. It is a compact tool with tabbed interface that allows users to access every function easily. It is a reliable application with fast speed and efficient performance. It can accurately determine the reason behind system problems and finds the most suitable solution to resolve it and brings back the high performance status of your PC.

File Scanner:
Windows Repair utility enables you to run thorough scans on files in order to identify whether any errors exist. The scanning of file can be carried out for various purposes. Windows package files, System Reparse points and Environment Variables can be scanned to recognize broken links or missing files that may interfere with system repairs. The File system can be checked to verify it is free from all known problems. This is essential when you intend to perform file permissions repair as it helps avoiding interruptions. Lastly, system files should be scanned to check that the version of files is correct.

Creating backup of registry and system restore point helps you reverting changes if anything goes wrong. It is considered as the necessary step before performing system repair. Under backup section, there are a few buttons. Registry backup is the primary function through which you can create backup and restore your data from this backup. You can choose settings for location, auto deletion, scheduling and execution of backups. Furthermore, you can also carry out the secondary operation that enables you to create system restore point. Once it is established, you can restore the system to this earlier point and cancel changes.

System Repairs:
System repair should be performed after you have taken the above mentioned security measures. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 editions and a wide range of system problems can be resolved with this software. You can reset file permissions, repair WMI and Firewall, remove temporary files, restore Windows services and modify other necessary settings. Log of every performed activity is maintained in Windows Repair and you can check its details via Repair Info tab.

User Interface:
Windows Repair has a simple user interface that can be modified to accommodate user requirements. Using its Settings tab, you can change log location in log folder. Activity results can be displayed in CMD executable file and you can specify its visibility, priority, back color and text color. Since it is minimized in system tray, so you can modify its Tray Icon too. Moreover, color for each software toolbar can be adjusted and latest updates can be installed easily.