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WinRAR is a useful file archiver that helps you manage files. You can now compress large files to save memory space and easily share large files via Email.

Software details

5.90 Beta 3 / WinRAR 5.80
Android / Windows 10 / Windows 8

Software description

WinRAR is a data compression digital tool developed by Eugene Roshal and first launched in 1993. It allows its users to open, view, create and decompress compressed files to save time and hard drive memory space. It can create RAR and ZIP files, and unpack any archives in ARJ, BZIP2, ZIP, ZIPX RAR, 7z, and just about any other commonly used compression format. Although there are various software applications for file compression and decompression, WinRAR is able to compress files at higher ratios than any other software in the market. It is the first data compressor to implement a 64-bit file manager, supporting archives of up to 9.000 petabytes in size, with a virtually unlimited number of saved files in a single compressed archive.

Not only is WinRAR an extremely powerful software when it comes to the sheer volume of the archives it can manage, but it is also a very versatile application thanks to its capacity to create multi-volume and self-extracting programmable archives of any size. Furthermore, the program allows its users to automatize any compression or decompression operations with its robust yet streamlined interface. It also features the option to save multiple versions of each file and add redundant information to them, which is useful for recovering data from damaged files and archives. Compressed archives are secured through Rijndael encryption to block any attempt to modify the data, protecting it from potentially malicious software. Every one of these features can be customized by the users to their convenience, as the program offers multiple settings to prioritize compression ratio, speed or security.

The last version of WinRAR is compatible with all the latest iterations of Windows, MAC OS, Linux and FreeBDS, and is translated to over 40 languages. It allows for the preservation of the time and date in which the original files from the archive were last accessed, and has a higher compression speed than previous versions. It also features new and improved tools to search and manage files within large archives, as well as numerous quality of life improvements for new and advanced users alike. WinRAR is a software created for all kinds of data compression and decompression operations, from simple files to be compressed and sent via Email, to the management and encryption of massive archives with classified or sensitive information.

Despite its high quality and numerous features WinRAR is cheap and highly accessible. The lifetime license to download and utilize the application is currently sold at a cost of 29.95 USD, which includes free Email support and free access to every new update of the software. In addition, users may download a free trial version of the program which allows them to use every one of its features for a 40-day period, after which they can decide whether or not to purchase the licensed version. Its superior compression ratio, complete user interface, accessible price and wide variety of features make WinRAR one of the best and most widely used software programs in the market.

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