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WinUtilities Pro is a Windows utility for optimizing your system, that includes more than 20 tools to increase performance and configuration of your computer. The program has an easy to use and graphically attractive interface that manages all tasks by categories and provides graphical statistics wherever possible.

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WinUtilities PRO
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Software description

WinUtilities Pro is the ultimate solution for all Microsoft Windows users that want to make the most out of their system. With a wide selection of tweaks and improvements, WinUtilities Pro can boost the performance of computers running Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 10, without affecting functionality and features.

The award-winning collection of tools included in WinUtilities Pro tackles common issues with registry errors and optimizations, unnecessary temporary files, browser cookies and cache as well as start-up items. All these tweaks and many others will ensure optimal stability and the best performance possible with the push of a button.


– Disk cleanup – WinUtilities Pro checks all temporary files, installation folders, and cache folders, deleting unnecessary files and freeing up system disks from junk data while optimizing disk performance at the same time.

– Registry cleanup – Over time, the Windows registry gets cluttered with errors from installation and uninstallation of programs, configuration changes, and updates. WinUtilities Pro can scan and correct these errors to ensure optimal system performance.

– Protects sensitive data – Essential Windows files and personal files can be password protected to ensure they cannot be accessed by malicious programs.

– Removes duplicate files – WinUtilities Pro can scan and detect duplicate files, giving you the option to free up disk space

– Optimizes Memory Usage – With the aid of intelligent memory management, you will be able to squeeze more performance out of your computer without adding more hardware.

– Cleans up traces of removed programs – WinUtilities Pro can check for traces of programs that were uninstalled and removes them to ensure there are no system errors

– Tweaks Windows Settings – Microsoft Windows offers plenty of customization options. Many of them are enabled by default and they alter system performance. WinUtilities Pro can optimize Windows settings to boost system performance.

– Advanced Scheduler – WinUtilities Pro supports advanced scheduling of optimization tasks such as programmed disk clean up, registry optimization, and error scan.

– Registry Back-up – Registry back-up option allows users to safely store a copy of Windows Registry or restore to a previous state with the push of a single button.

– Scheduled Shutdown/Logoff/Stand by – WinUtilities Pro allows you to plan how your computer is being used by scheduling shutdowns, hibernate, or stand by at user-defined times.

– Useful shortcuts – WinUtilities can be used to uninstall programs and launch different Windows apps directly from the software.

– Removes all traces of your computer usage – WinUtilities can remove all your traces from a computer by deleting cookies, recently used file history, and many more.

– Advanced file management – For better file management, the software allows you to split large files into smaller parts and restore them into the original format.

WinUtilities Pro includes many more features to help you get the most out of your computer. With regular updates, the software will always have the best tweaks and optimizations available, offering you full control over your Windows computer. With advanced backup and restore features, you can always get back to a previous configuration and test each tweak without compromising your system and ensuring you always get the option to revert any changes.