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WinZip is a useful file management utility. It can aid you in compressing files, managing archive folders, and unpacking files as and when needed. It’s a freeware that was launched in early 1991 to facilitate computer users. Its intuitive user interface makes it a great choice for pros as well as novice users. This application is available for Windows PC and you can translate it in various languages as per your choice. This file archiver is small-sized and can work on limited system resources. It can help you organize files and easily share them via Email after compressing them.

WinZip Free Download for Windows 10 [64 bit / 32 bit]

Software details

23.0 Build 13431
Android / mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Software description

You can find many file archiver applications out there, but WinZip free is known for its powerful functions. It can deal with various file formats and makes it easier for you to manage data. It’ a paid tool but you can use its trial version for free.

Create Zip Folders

Large files take up a lot of space in system memory, making it difficult to store other important files. Moreover, if you want to share these files with your friends, you may not be able to send them via Email due to their large size.

WinZip is an effective solution for such problems. You can now compress files and save them in archive folders. Not only does this process shrink their size, you can quickly send them as an attachment via Email.

Extract Archived Files

Aside from compressing files, WinZip also helps users in extracting files from zip folders. This way, you can easily access files and view their content.

During the compression and extraction process, it doesn’t affect the quality of files and retains content in its original form. Therefore, you need not worry about losing critical information.

File Protection

What if any unauthorized user gets their hands on files you share with your friends via an Email? Even if the file is archived, they can view its content.

However, if you’re a WinZip user, there’s nothing to worry about. Its file protection options can save you from trouble. You can protect data with the help of a secure password. You can also encrypt the file so that only the authenticated users can view it.

To ensure that no other user can copy data from the file, you should add a watermark to the file with the help of its options. It helps you enforce your copyrights and avoid data theft.

File Conversion

It’s not a good practice to share a file with your friends that was created in a word processor. It’s because they may experience formatting issues due to different versions of word processors. By converting the file to PDF format, you can avoid formatting issues.

Backup and Restore

If your system crashes, you may end up losing important files. You can make the most of its backup tool to create a secure backup. This way, you can restore files even if you lose them due to hard drive malfunction.

All in all, WinZip is a recommended application to manage archive folders. It’s a great choice for personal use as well as for office environments.

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